Friday, March 30, 2007

A scan, a scan, my kingdom for a scan.

Well, the new Lost Magazine is out and already causing quite a kerfuffle in the shipping world. Sadly, everyone is scrambling around for someone to give us the full lowdown on the Sawyer/Kate Love Island interview.

All we have so far is this (from Betsy on the Fuse?):

"I thought it was actually pretty interesting......although I really don't care about the Kate/Jack/Sawyer interaction.

Evangeline believes that Kate loves Sawyer because he loves her for who she is; He loves her in a pure, clean way and that's why she loves him. Kate loves Jack for who he is, but Jack doesn't love her for who she is. Problem is that Kate doesn't love who Sawyer is - she wishes he could be more noble. Her quote:

"It's beautiful and tragic because Kate loves the wrong guy. She loves the guy that doesn't really love her and isn't that so true of how we often are in reality?""

Which is enough to be causing some rumblings in both camps.

I like the way De Chantal of L-F put it...

"Well, I've been among the most negative here, but I actually found that quote to be pretty good for Skate.

1. Sawyer's love is clean and pure.
2. Jack's love is conditional and inferior.
3. Sawyer is the right guy.

What Evi is saying there is that little worthless-feeling Kate has a masochistic streak and the feelings she has for Jack are unhealthy. If the writers are on board with that interpretation, since the purpose of characters is growth, there is plenty to feel good about in that quote. The only 'tragedy' for Kate would be if she stayed fixated on Jack, the wrong guy."

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