Sunday, March 4, 2007

Better late than...ever?

I gotta say, I'm honestly surprised that it took them THIS long! We all know Jaters are pretty slow on the upswing, but shouldn't the Jacket-retaliatory "Sawyer & Juliet" ship thread have happened after episode 3x2, when she offered him the canteen?

So Jaters, start your engines, and careful you don't trip all over each other, signing your names to the newest Fuselage ship of Twu Wuv that never was!!


Suliet (Juliet and Sawyer ship): Because blondes have more fun

Welcome to this thread: an appreciation of the pairing that is Juliet and Sawyer.

I'm surprised that this pairing has been overlooked so far given the fact they are two intrguing and complex characters. Their interaction so far has been brief but spectacular. Afterall there was literally electricity in their first scene together. There is definite potential for the future development of what could be a fascinating and epic union.


Well, I must say, I expected this to be done earlier because as you said, the interaction between those has been captivating despite its brevity. I believe that when they did share a scene together there was undeniable connection. In Glass Ballerina, when Juliet had a gun to Kate's head, it was so quick that Sawyer could read her, they are like an open book to one another.
Now I am not one who can ship a couple if I obviously dislike one of the characters, and I honestly am not a big fan of Sawyer, so I can not fully invest in shipping them together because it would not be honest. However, I am just saying that this is a relationship to keep an eye out for because they have unbelievable potential and chemistry. Blondes do have more fun!!


"brief but spectacular"? Sawyer and Juliet have had two "scenes" together, if I recall correctly? In one, she shouted "hey", zapped him, and he fell down. Whoa. SPECTACULAR!! In the other, she offered him water, which he promptly dumped out while smirking at her in a "what the fuck ever" manner, before heading straight to Kate's pouty lips with great and enthusiastic fervor - - yeah, that shows you just how much he wants Jules. They read each other like an open book. SPECTACULAR!!

(Oh, and the one that claims "I am not one who can ship a couple if I obviously dislike one of the characters" really cracks me up, because as we all know, most Jaters despise Kate with the fire of 1000 suns.)

I almost feel guilty for mocking this one. Almost. But the little ones have really outdone themselves here. They're going to try oh, so hard to make it sound exciting & legit, and all they'll accomplish is to make their Johnny Come Lately desperation clearer than ever. Fish can smell fear, doncha know?

Good grief, little Bubbles. You really do make it too easy sometimes.

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