Monday, March 19, 2007

The fun never stops...

I get a lot of bullcrap for pointing out and mocking stupidity and blind ignorance in all of its forms. I've been called offensive, which I think is pretty frakking funny. I apparently got mentioned quite a few times on the Dark UFO site, and wow, thanks for the shout out guys. Really, this is my own personal journal and I am entitled to my own opinions. So rag on me all you like, it shows that maybe, just maybe, some reality is getting through to you Bubbleheads.

But please...when you post on a public forum, you are fair game. You set yourself up for looking like a blabbering idiot or a nasty bitch with your own rutting words.

Take these for example, more proof that some Jaters really don't give a shit about Kate, and hate her if she's not licking Jack's pompous ass and begging forgiveness for her sexual choices sins:

Flyer (Fuselage) - "Personally, I'm more concerned about how Sayid reacts to Jack's predicament than Kate. I don't think the Island Porn Star is any position to judge how one handles being held captive."

SexyLibrarian (TWoP) - "I find it rather a nice change of pace from the pity fucking that Kate was saddled with. Yeah, J/K were kept apart by one of the lamest scenarios possible: let's see, we'll separate Jack from Kate and Sawyer - put Kate and Sawyer in the most terrible position possible, beat the crap out of him while she watches, threaten him with certain death, so she'll ultimately screw him in cage.

IMO, there's nothing more romantic and deep that having a woman pity fuck a man she doesn't love. I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

I'm constantly amazed by the comments that Kate is weak around Jack, when I think Kate has never been more weak and pathetic than in the episodes where all she did was cry and scream like a little girl because asshat was being beaten up."

"As I see it, Kate's ride on manwhore's dick certainly wasn't enough to keep her away from Jack or from risking her life to save him from the Others.

Oh, and I've come up with my own idea for a Skate T shirt:

Who needs Jane Austen when you've got pity fucking."

"IMO their lack of scenes together in the first part of this season seems to have been motivated by the sole reason of placing Kate in a situation where she uses Sawyer as a human vibrator."

Methinks this gal is still a little teensy bit bitter and obsessed about the cage love scene and Kate's willing part in it. Who needs Kate bashers when you can have Jaters doing it for you? She interspersed that with random "ultimate couple" raptures. I did stop a minute to think how do you 'saddle' someone with a 'pity fuck'. Weird mix of imagery there.

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