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Monday, June 25, 2007

Featured post of the Week - Tales from the Fishelage #2

Created by the talented and witty Iamme.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Good, Bad and Fugly!

With everyone getting into the Emmy and Tatertops buzz, I figured it was time to have our own awards ceremony. And so...I bring you
The Golden Guppy Awards of 2007. In other words, it’s up to YOU to decide the Best and Worst of Lost Season 3.

Here are the categories I’ve chosen, please post your nominations for each section here. Then in two weeks time I’ll stick some polls up at the forum for y’all to vote for your faves. The winners will be announced here once the polls close.

So get to nominating my fishy friends! Have your say by offering up nominations for each numbered category. Some categories are screencap based so be sure to include a link or pic with your entry.

1) The Many Faces of Doctor Giggles award for funniest Jackface of the season.

2) The Woo Boy Howdy Award for Hottest Skate scene of the season.

3) The Han/Leia Award for Most OTP-worthy Skate moment.

4) The Who Writes This Drivel? Award (Also known as Gigli Redux) for most cringe-worthy Jate scene.

5) The Janet Jackson award for most gratuitously satisfying skin shot of the season.

6) The Shut the Fuck Up award for most annoying character in a particular scene.

7) The Wheelbarrow Balls award for coolest plot development of the season.

8) The WTF Were They Smoking? Award for most random plot development of the season.

9) The Gimme Five Boxes of Kleenex award for most emotionally touching/heart-wrenching scene .

10) The Honorary Jack Bauer award for most kick ass action scene.

11) The WAAAALT!!! award for most scenery-chewing actor or over-acted scene.

12) The Zombie Character award for lamest line delivery from a character, living or dead.

13) The I’d Like to Thank The Academy award for best acting performance of the season.

14) The That’s Hi-Larious (tm Firefly) award for funniest line/ quip for the season.

15) The OMG They Killed Kenny - The Bastards! Award for best death of the season.

16) The Sucked More Eggs Than the Recrap award for the worst episode of the season.

17) The Thank God for TIVO award for best episode of the season. Read more...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Featured Post of the Week - Tales From the Fishelage

Pulled this creative genius from the Parody thread. A fantastic collaborative effort brought to you by Tractorbeams, Leah Kate and Ralphie:

Tractorbeams: "Let me take you back to November 2006...A wonderful month for Skaters, the 'I Do' promo was all over the place, avis with the word LOVE took over L-F, we kept replaying the promo, drooling over the way Sawyer pinned Kate against the bars…While Skaters were trying to determine ‘point of entry’, ‘spit bridges’ and other useful and interesting details to noone but us, the little Bubbles came up with an alternative script of their own! According to them Sawyer wasn’t actually taking Kate’s top off but was helping her remove the bag from her head!

That prompted Leah to write the That Damn Bag story! Since then we have been trying to find a way to make a parody of it but it was difficult to fit dialogue in that sex scene, seeing as Sawyer and Kate were devouring each other’s faces for the most part of it! Anyway this is long overdue but I am sure you will enjoy it!"

That Damn Bag!
by Leah Kate


Ughh! Damn it! I can't get this bag off my head! Sawyer, could you give me a hand here?

Sure, Freckles. I'll do what I can.


Whoops! Did I just take your shirt off?

I'm afraid you did, little lady. But that's okay. You can't see, so it makes sense that you don't really know what you're doing.


That's true. I would have never taken your shirt off if I had the use of my vision. Help me out, okay?


Aw, son of a bitch!

You just got my shirt too, didn't you?

I thought it was the bag. We are really bad at this!

It's an honest mistake. Damn it, I wish I didn't have this bag on my head! Here, I know. Lift me up against the bars, so you can see what you're doing.

Good idea


Oh, God! That feels sooo good, to have that bag off my head. It's orgasmic!

…… a completely non-sexual way, of course.

Of course.

Okay, you'd better put me down now, before someone sees us and thinks we're having Skex.

Oh, God, can you imagine? How embarrassing.

I know, right? Can't two people just get topless and grind up against each other without everyone jumping to conclusions?

Besides, Lost is never that obvious.

Thanks so much, little buddy. I couldn't have done it without you.

Well, that's what platonic friends are for.

Now if Jack happens to come by again, I'll have my face free to make out with him.

How is Jack, anyway?

Same as always. He yelled at me earlier, so I'm a bit horny.

Well, Jate is fate.

It sure is, Sawyer. It sure is.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And the Winners Are...

Our good friend DarkUFO has announced his End of Season Awards, voted on by that great unwashed mass known as the Non-Shipping General Audience.

And hey, whaddayaknow?

Favourite Couple

One of the closest matchups here with Kate and Sawyer taking first place (23%), Charlie and Claire in 2nd with 21% and Kate and Jack in 3rd with 17%.I voted Alex and Karl.

Not only do MOST fans see Kate and Sawyer as Lost's OTP, among those who think otherwise, Kate and Jack are running a pathetic Third Place... Not even as sizzling as those asexual cuties Claire and Charlie. (And nevermind the fact that 1/2 of that ship is no longer breathing...RIP Charlie.)

I must say this restores my faith in humanity (or at least the fabled Non-Shipping General Audience part of humanity), seeing that actual objective polls time and again prove that most people refuse to embrace the sado/maso misery of Jate as any kind of romance. Read more...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kudos and Adios?

The Fishelage now has 234 registered members and over 5,600 posts already!!! And that's in less than two weeks of being live. Mucho love and gratitude goes out to all the fish currently swimming in my humble little pond.

According to one of my trusty Fuse insiders, the Couch residents have only had one measly post in the past 36 hours. What gives? Have the Bubbleheads suddenly decided to go underground in their speeshul treehouse? If so, what sparked such a move? Or could this be related to the 20 votes removed from that Fuse poll recently? Could it be that some vocal regulars were actually put on a temporary posting ban? Hilarious if that's the case. Coincidence or karma? Either way it's pretty darn funny. Read more...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Kristin Update - Suck on that!

Zoriah: Ooh! Gossip! Does Ausiello's blind item about a white female prima donna have anything to do with your piece on Lost's bad castmate?

Nope. And I just hope it's not me!

Finally it can be laid to rest that Ausiello's Blind Item had nothing to do with Kristin's scandal. Not. The. Same. Thing. People.

Romain in Belfort, France: Is the alienated castmember of Lost, like, blonde and Australian?

Frak no. The Australian blonde is as sweet and fuzzy and adored as the baby duckling she resembles.

The ass-hat is NOT Emilie de Ravin. Duh. Got that? I still can't believe that people thought she was a better candidate for pissing off the entire cast and crew than Matthew Fox.

Lisibeth in France: An actor on Lost, a big falling-out with the rest of the cast and it has already had an impact of the storyline... Well, all my money would be on a [totally accurate description which can't be printed] being the culprit. Do you predict bankruptcy or fortune for me soon?

I predict: Cha-ching! And because I want my own paychecks to keep coming, I blanked out your guess. Now, how are you with lottery numbers?

Who is this mysterious Lisibeth, and can she elaborate on her description which was so dead center that it had to be snipped? Please come forward and enlighten us, oh accurate one.

With Kristin's in-context joke about lottery numbers in the last answer you can guess that certain people are going to accuse Jorge Garcia next, instead of the main contender. Which again is just plain stoopid knowing what we know of Jorge behind the scenes, his complete lack of arrogance and ego in interviews, and Kristin's own confirmation about there being changes to the story because if it.

Let those who want to point finger at Jorge now remember that Kristin had a clue as to the culprit in her vine show for those who continued to watch closely (the later news item about MF filming on Grey's Anatomy set, anyone?) and the hint about a pivotal line (giving us an indication of the behind the scenes drama) being in a closing scene on the beach in the last few episodes.

Come on, guys, it's not frakking rocket science.

(Thanks Lela)

Who did Dom spend time with again after his scenes wrapped? Let me refresh your memory:

How was your send-off behind the scenes? Was it hard saying goodbye to everyone?

"We had a couple of nights. I went to dinner with Terry O'Quinn and his wife. I went to dinner with Daniel Dae Kim and his wife. I went out partying with Daniel, Josh, Marsha, Emilie, Evangeline, Terry, Jorge and Yunjin."

Put the evidence together, 'mkay? Don't just make blind, wild stabs in the dark because you can't face it possibly being a lead actor on the show *shock* *gasp*. Read more...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Sekrit Jove Affair

I'm just Jucking around, but could this really be the Jiss of death for Jack on the show? Will he ever get to make sweet sweet Jove to Kate and Jave the day if these recent rumours are true?

Eight ball says "I ain't touching that one"

Monday, June 4, 2007

Secrets and revelations... ?

Kristin's got a secret! Apparently someone in that big happy Lost ensemble isn't on speaking terms, anyone! On the Vine Show she says that someone is no longer part of the island posse. Could this be the cast member who Dominic Monaghan distinctly left out of his list of comrades-in-partying during his last week on Lost? The one who plays the character "more hated than Charlie?" The one who described in such proud detail in Men's Health how he's a liar and manipulator, enjoys coming to work hungover and barfing on crew, and likes to "instigate" his co-workers into doing things that make them uncomfortable? The one who arrived alone at the ABC Upfronts last month, was seen interacting with no one, and stood awkwardly off to the side in the happy family portrait?

So who do you think it could possibly be? Which cast member is the skunk that no one wants to party with anymore? Kristin seems to be hinting that the clues are hiding in plain sight. Guesses, anyone?

ETA: More snippets coming in to add fuel to the fire. How did we miss this blind item from Ausiello dated from March 15th? And yes, Bubbleheads, the person in question seems to be a HE

Blind Item: Leading Man's Good-guy Image All an Act

You know what's even worse than a really good person getting a bad rep? A really bad person getting a good one, which is exactly what this week's blind-item entry is about. A certain prime-time heartthrob is perceived by the public and the press as being one of the nicest guys in the biz. But behind the scenes, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, his costars on a certain top-10 hit despise him with every fiber of their beings. Why? For starters, he feels as if his job is beneath him (yeah, like his outside credits are any great shakes), and that's nowhere more apparent than at the show's weekly table readings. According to one spy, "He comes in, picks up the script, flips through it, grunts a few times and tosses it aside." Even worse, Eddie Egomaniac thinks call times are for little people (i.e., other people). So he doesn't show up two or three minutes late for a scene, he shows up two or three hours late. Says my mole, "The show loses a ton of money waiting around for him to come to work." And when he does show up, he "doesn't say the lines as written." So who's this Satan in sheep's clothing? Guess away!
Many thanks to the Fishbitches who dug out these little nuggets of gold! Read more...

Sunday, June 3, 2007

A New Playground

When I started Fishbiscuit, I wanted a place where I could talk about Skate and mock bubbles without being *mod-edited*. It was mostly for my own amusement and I'm thrilled to have been found and now share my thoughts with other Skaters. So, after thinking about it for awhile, I've decided to open a Fish Forum so that the Fish Fans can have a place to talk about Skate, Jate and whatever else comes to mind without censorship.

The Fish Forum absolutely will not replace the Journal. I'm still going to continue to post recaps of the show when it starts, Jater insanity, mod madness and anything else that amuses me. You can still make comments here, just like always. In fact, I hope you do. What I'm hoping the Fish Forum will be is a Skater friendly reef where you can find hot Skate spoilers, start discussions and generally have fun.

If you're a Jater, you're welcome to try to swim with us, seeing how you all think you're the reason behind the show. The Fish and friends can handle it, so bring it on.

You can find my new Forum click here: Fishbiscuitland Forum

See you there!

Note: Link updated Jan. 2008

Friday, June 1, 2007

A Long Tall Drink of Cool Water

Any German translators out there? Would love to know what they were saying.

Here are some icons for the snagging:

Many thanks to Sawyer840 for the vid and pics, Icekat and Joemamaah for making the icons, and whomever called Josh the title (Sorry, dude, I'm totally blanking.) Read more...