Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kudos and Adios?

The Fishelage now has 234 registered members and over 5,600 posts already!!! And that's in less than two weeks of being live. Mucho love and gratitude goes out to all the fish currently swimming in my humble little pond.

According to one of my trusty Fuse insiders, the Couch residents have only had one measly post in the past 36 hours. What gives? Have the Bubbleheads suddenly decided to go underground in their speeshul treehouse? If so, what sparked such a move? Or could this be related to the 20 votes removed from that Fuse poll recently? Could it be that some vocal regulars were actually put on a temporary posting ban? Hilarious if that's the case. Coincidence or karma? Either way it's pretty darn funny.

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