Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Good, Bad and Fugly!

With everyone getting into the Emmy and Tatertops buzz, I figured it was time to have our own awards ceremony. And so...I bring you
The Golden Guppy Awards of 2007. In other words, it’s up to YOU to decide the Best and Worst of Lost Season 3.

Here are the categories I’ve chosen, please post your nominations for each section here. Then in two weeks time I’ll stick some polls up at the forum for y’all to vote for your faves. The winners will be announced here once the polls close.

So get to nominating my fishy friends! Have your say by offering up nominations for each numbered category. Some categories are screencap based so be sure to include a link or pic with your entry.

1) The Many Faces of Doctor Giggles award for funniest Jackface of the season.

2) The Woo Boy Howdy Award for Hottest Skate scene of the season.

3) The Han/Leia Award for Most OTP-worthy Skate moment.

4) The Who Writes This Drivel? Award (Also known as Gigli Redux) for most cringe-worthy Jate scene.

5) The Janet Jackson award for most gratuitously satisfying skin shot of the season.

6) The Shut the Fuck Up award for most annoying character in a particular scene.

7) The Wheelbarrow Balls award for coolest plot development of the season.

8) The WTF Were They Smoking? Award for most random plot development of the season.

9) The Gimme Five Boxes of Kleenex award for most emotionally touching/heart-wrenching scene .

10) The Honorary Jack Bauer award for most kick ass action scene.

11) The WAAAALT!!! award for most scenery-chewing actor or over-acted scene.

12) The Zombie Character award for lamest line delivery from a character, living or dead.

13) The I’d Like to Thank The Academy award for best acting performance of the season.

14) The That’s Hi-Larious (tm Firefly) award for funniest line/ quip for the season.

15) The OMG They Killed Kenny - The Bastards! Award for best death of the season.

16) The Sucked More Eggs Than the Recrap award for the worst episode of the season.

17) The Thank God for TIVO award for best episode of the season.

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