Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Never Too Late

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"It's never too late for a fresh start..."

Could it be? Could the LOST we once loved be returning?

The recap is coming soon, but in the meantime, feel free to discuss the Skangst, the curse, the flashback...and best of all, as a friend said after seeing the episode--NO JACK!! Read more...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Holy Jackass, Batman!!!

Did Gregg Nations just bitchslap Flyer nice and good, or what?

Read the whole thing here:

Gregg's reply:

"Ha! Well, I disagree with your reading of Kate (as humorous as it is though). A dingy, flighty, basket-case? Clueless, timid, helpless? Dumbfounded? All I can really say is that Kate is a complex character. Not every situation needs to be in-your-face screaming. Does Kate make the right decision in every situation? No, but really -- do any of our characters?

You know how sometimes people yell at the people who don't deserve it and never do at the people who do? That misplaced anger could be seen as a growth in her character. She yells at him about Karl but not about their relationship. You have to pick your fights in life, and maybe she decided it wasn't time to fight. What if her reasons for sleeping with Sawyer are complicated? What if there isn't any one good reason but a few both good and bad? Does that make her weak? I personally don't think so."

That's right, the pro-jate interpretations of Kate's character should often be seen in a largely humorous light. Glad we agree on that, brotha.

Can't wait to see how Flyer spins that reply into something positive for her and the Bubbleheads.

ETA: Can't...breathe...laughing too hard...Gregg you kill me, you really do:

His answer to Buggy Dee should be framed.

"I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words... How shippery life is now you're in the world...

You can tell everybody this is your ship. It may be quite simple but now that it's done. I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words... How shippery life is now you're in the world..." Read more...

LOL, Krusty, LOL

Funny how Krusty is allowed to derail the 'Didn't Love It' thread for Stranger, disagree with lots of people with her 'I know best, I know what the NSGA (nonshippinggeneralaudience)want' anti-skate bullshit... and it's not until some posters start calling her out on her whacked out and unsupported assumptions that the mods swoop in to put the kibosh on it?

Apparently, according to the all-seeing, all-knowing Krystal (aka Krusty the Klown), Sawyer and Kate's getting together ruined the show and drove the General Audience away. Apparently the non-shipping general audience hates Skate and wants Jate. Wrap your head around that illogical statement. *snicker* But Krusty knows best. Let misology reign supreme!!

Originally Posted by ravenmoon
But wasn't it is Jack who was the character involved in the central plot of the mini arc.

Sort of. The other half consisted mainly of Sawyer and Kate in their cages "growing closer" as you might say. I would much rather have seen Jack on the screen the whole time instead of the scenes we had to endure such as the "you taste like strawberries," "you taste like fish biscuits" "if you love me you'll run" and Kate confessing her love to Sawyer while he is being beaten endlessly by Pickett. What was the whole point of that anyway? There was none. And then we were subjected to the whole retraction of the I love you, to Kate mentioning "turn around" while she undresses in her cage, only to initiate sex with him the following day. Her actions have left many of the audience confused as to what exactly the writers and the producers are doing.

Now I wonder why Krusty is irritated here? Sawyer & Kate taking too much screen time away from her hero perhaps? Sounds remarkably like each & every SKate scene had Krusty flaking away to a crumble here. Someone please, help her out – tell her to record and fast forward to Jack, JACK, JACK only scenes. Her bubble friends should have suggested that one to her.

kate and sawyer were merely there because Jack had led them there with his "plan" and the others wanted them to make jack do the surgery.

The others wanted Sawyer and Kate for an entirely different reason than they wanted Jack. If Jack hadn't of led them there, the others would eventually have come after them anyhow.

That’s right – we forgot, because Jack can do NO wrong, how many times does Krusty have to tell us this? Can’t we get anything through our "online" Skating heads? *rolls eyes* Sawyer and Kate were wanted for an entirely different reason alright – to make sweet SWEET LOVE to keep the rest of the viewing public entertained after so much Jack, JACK, JACK. *snerk*

The whole plot revolved around Jack, as it genrally does.

That should make sense, considering Jack is their star.

And don’t you forget it… AGAIN! This show is ALL about Jack, only JACK. A reason for declining ratings perhaps?

I have never seen MF in anything other than lost, so I can't comment on his acting abilities outside of the show, so I am going to assume it is the poor writing that has made his character the "hero" who likes to shout alot, cry, and stalk women.

Many people were complaining that they didn't want Jack to be your typical card board cutout "hero." Now that they have given him a dark side, people are still complaining. So which does the audience prefer? They can't have both. Some people have made up their minds that they are not going to like Jack no matter how they write him, which is fine, but it's their loss if they choose to miss out on what this character offers to the show.

I finally agree with Krusty on something – some people will NEVER like Jack, the perfect hero or the yelling, crying, abusive hero – is too late, his character has already been established TOO perfectly for some of us /sarcasm. Also, it's the fact that Jack is portrayed with flaws which never get acknowledged by the other characters on the show. As far as they are concerned he's still the great white frakking hope, everyone owes him even when he screws up, he's always going to be the sacrificial hero who will save the day. When are the writers going to address his flaws and have people call him out on it? When will his mistakes actually have consequences? When will other people's sacrifices and acts of bravery get gratitude or acknowledgement, huh? And I'm not just talking about Sawyer. Kate, Juliet, Alex...all had a hand in the great escape.

This flashback was completely unnecessary,

I completely agree.

Wonder of wonders, Krusty actually agrees with a Skater. *eyes popping* This one is for the record books.

it revelaed nothing new about Jack's character that we didn't already know in abundance,

Well, it did offer up some new information on him, but unfortunately, the execution on how this information was revealed was poorly done.

The meaning of tattoos to enlighten Krusty to her hero’s perfect status? Perhaps she missed out on that attempt to portray him in that way previously?

but I don;t think it's fair to blame kate and sawyer getting together for being the reason the show is being dragged down as you put it, just like it wouldn't be fair for me to say, the complete focus on Jack's character constantly is the sole reason.

I think the statement that I made about them was quite fair. They got together in "I Do" and the ratings took a huge hit when it came back. In my opinion, it's the quality of the show that has steered people away and in this sense, Sawyer and Kate didn't help matters. TPTB made their romance story way too central and it turned a lot of people off.

Krusty is so in touch with what the “general audience” thinks. Where DOES she get her information from? A few friends? A few colleagues/customers? Perhaps these people need to complete a survey in order to interact with this KLOWN?

I don;t really think that's a fair point, the massive fanbase these two have would say differently.

The internet is deceiving.

Yes it is, and incomprehensible to one such as yourself, Krusty. Sawyer and Kate are entirely to blame for the ratings drop off… if Krusty was correct and since Sawyer & Kate are doing their angsty act right now, the ratings would be on the rise now then wouldn’t they?? Perhaps someone needs to tell TPTB to try another SKating bunnyhop to boost their figures again? The TIVO most watched figures and media shit gets quoted but according to Krusty it don't count. Hell, fire the ratings people and hire her. She KNOWS, dammit.

Hurry! Lost is over...Let's all go tell Krystal what we thought. Jaaaack! Jaaaaack! JAAAAAACK!! Read more...

When Ovaries Explode

You know, I thought today, the day before TTID was gonna be a slow day. I was soooo wrong. Here I was planning to have a blissfully unplanned day of doing nothing. Then the Gregg stuff happens, and Krusty's drivel on the Didn't Like it thread...and I'm taking a leisurely stroll around the net, and what do I find? The Bubbles miss me! They’re all lathered up because it seems I’ve been neglecting them, what with Foxeeeee and the show itself demanding my attention. Never fear, my little Bucket-o-suds. I am nothing, if not devoted to my work. It is your moment to shine Bubbles, beneath the cold, harsh light of reality.

Let’s see what last week's Jackapalooza looked like when viewed from the deck of a sinking ship.

“jack without kate is like a garden without guava”
How many bubbles, do you suppose, could pick a guava out of a fruit salad? See below for a Fruit Quiz to keep us all on our toes. And gee, I don't know a Rose garden without guava? Tough choice there.

“I dreamt that I was in Phuket with Jack and he was gonna get in bed with me... nekkid... and my sister and bro-in-law were suddenly in the bed between us and I was like "AAAAHHHH!!!!" because dude, HE WAS NAKED and I SAW IT and I WANTED HIM and those two f**kers showed up.”
Clearly this is intended to be a dietary aid. You print it out and tape it to your fridge, to be read before every opening. The visual will ruin your appetite and voila you’ll be rail thin before you can say 'Skanky sex is slimming' ten times backwards!

I separated this last part of the quote away from the Bubble low carb diet plan, because it deserves individual attention.

“Damn the universal force that won't even let me get laid in dreams!!!”
This one sentence, perfectly illustrates the average Jater. Sexually repressed and delusional to the point of believing they and their shipping preference are of any consequence to universal forces in any way, shape or form. Overblown egos hmmm?

“I want your babies... I want your babies... I want your babies... Oh, and I never thought I'd want to do this but I had the strong urge to lick his nipple. *blush*”
>>>insert pic of Mr Chimp Chest reclining on the bed ready to receive said nipple assault. How does one find one with all that frakking fur?<<< Excuse me while I pick the chunks of vomit from between my teeth.

“I totally want him and Alex to become friends. Maybe Alex will be in the jungle, crying and worried sick over Carl and Jack will find her. Maybe talk to her? Tell her it's okay? No wait, this is starting to sound like the Jack/Kate scene. Oh well, I'm sure there are a few Alex/Jack shippers out there already.”
If people are shipping Jack and Alex (Jax?), someone should notify Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC so he can investigate it for his next pedophile/stat rape expose`. Ewwwwww. Just Ewwww.

“I haven't even seen this eppy yet, and all the negativity about it has kind of been getting me down, but seriously I'm just gonna watch it and think about the hotness. Pfft! Who needs plot?”
Hmmm, let’s see. The percentage of the viewing public who actually have a brain? I guess that rules out Krusty's Zombie General Audience. How many times have Skaters and Sawyer fans been accused of being hormonal teens who only watch for the HAWTness. Yeah, we get told we're shallow and crass, and lacking in taste or judgment. Hypocritical much?

“Oh my GOD. My ovaries are sprained. BOTH OF THEM.”
Will that keep you from breeding more of your kind? If so, I’m thinking that’s maybe a good thing.*wink*

“I can't actually form coherent thought at the moment. My mind's like agfjksgnkfgjn;sa\.…”
And this is news to you?

“OH GOOD LORD THAT WOMAN DOES NOT DESERVE HIS TONGUE IN HER MOUTH! Ahem, sorry for the capslock but seriously! I'd much rather see his tongue in Evi/Kate's mouth lmao. Or well ya know, mine in a perfect world...OMG and the lip biting! *dies*”
“That woman does not deserve his tongue in her mouth.” I agree. No one does.

“Damn you Bai Ling, Damn you INDEED! Honestly, I truly think, the director and whoever wrote, "What Kate Did" told them to keep the kiss simple. I mean, it might have looked... "off" if Kate just grabbed his face, sucked on his lips and he attacked her with his tongue. I know, I know, who would complain but I don't think it would have really made sense.“
Can it be someone is seeing reason? Kate and Jack is “off” and it makes no sense.

“Why would you show me Bai Ling and Foxy making out? Pretty sure that my eyes actually started to bleed after that scene. *stabs her*

But to fix that, I thought about Kate coming back to the island and sexing up Jack in his new cage and then that turned into some crazy dream that I had that I clearly had to wake up for in the middle of the night and then write a story about it which is now growing into this multi-chaptered monster and I'm scared because I haven't written anything chaptered in years.

*grabs Foxy to make myself feel better*”

Be afraid Foxeeee. Be very afraid.

“That epi so BEAT UP and DESTROYED Sawyer! w00t! And who says Jate isn't fate?! MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Just about everybody else, sweetie. Medic stat, before she crashes!

“I swear, I WANT HIM NOW! Is it possible to just orgasm instantly?!? By George, I think I just did!!!!!!!! *faints*”
Wow. So a Foxeeee “O” leaves you wondering whether or not it happened. I knew there was something deficient looking about him. *chortle*

FRUIT QUIZ for my BUBBLEHEAD PALS: Spot the Guava. Name that exotic fruit, chickadees.

That last one's pretty hard I know...

Monday, February 26, 2007

Sneak Peek Fun...

Vid thanks to Spunky.

The latest sneak peek for Tricia Tanaka is Dead looks interesting. Guess Sawyer and Kate are SOOOOO over. Kate looks like she's wanting to barf having to touch that scumbag's boot. She's pulling icky faces, feels guilty about sleeping with him, is disgusted and doesn't want anything more to do with him. Riiiight.

I can see the Bubblehead jose-spin now: Kate just wants them to forget the icky skex altogehter and return to being just friends. She wants it to go back to how it was before the captivity, because she regrets it, loves Jack and wants to forget she rutted in a cage with Sawyer.

No. Just no. What's pretty frakking clear is Kate's the one doing the reaching out, making the first move to try and repair their relationship after their moronic argument earlier. She wants them to get over the fight and move forward, not backwards. Look at her expression. Why bother trying to get him to say sorry if she wants things to return to the way they were? This gal still digs her man, but needs him to get off his high horse. It's about the most direct and clear we've seen Kate about what she wants from him. And of course, knowing TPTB, Sawyer's not going to give it to her. He's going to be a stupid frakking idiot and refuse to apologize. Which would explain why she goes off on her own to get Jack without telling him. It also puts the scene with Jin and the three things women want to hear in perspective too.

This is obviously all setting up mucho separation angst and more tension between the emotionally stunted lovebirds Sawyer and Kate. I say bring it on. Some hot reunion make-up sex by May Sweeps, here we come!!!

Some caps, courtesy of Lyly Ford from Lost-Forum:

Yep. The above are the faces of a woman who is feeling deeply guilty about betraying her love Jack, wants to forget that skex ever happened and has no romantic intentions whatsoever towards Sawyer. *rolls eyes* Read more...

Good Riddance!

Worst. Episode. EVAH!

The good, the bad and the ugly of "Stranger In A Strange Land".

I think it's best to change up the order here, because after something this ugly and this bad, I feel so icky, I need a little (and God knows there's only a little) good to help wash away some of the stench.

The Bad -

There is so frakking much to wade through, I'm not sure where to begin. The beginning, I suppose. The kite.

What the Phuket was up with that? Are we expected to believe that after five seconds reflection, SuperJack can assemble angel hair pasta spinal nerves in a single bound, but is stupefied by a plaything managed every day by children the world over? Riiiight. I am loathe to give credit to Jack for anything, but even I wouldn't stoop to questioning his command of simple toys. Maybe his next episode will deal with his tragic inability to make a Slinky walk down stairs?

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that in this same episode we discover that a highly respected fertility doctor isn't competent enough to recognize infected stitches. This is intelligence insulting on so many levels I'd crash the server if I tried go into them all.

The glorification of misogynistic Jack. Is there another "hero", lead male character anywhere on television who physically and emotionally abuses women more? If so, he's on some show I don't watch. Watching Jack throw a tiny woman up against a wall then force her to "mark" him, was at best cringeworthy and at least repugnant. How some people can call this heroic is just beyond me.

Oh, and the stalking. We can't forget the stalking, since we saw Jack yet again showing his prowess in that area.

The Ugly -

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Another Jackback? Is this some sort of Orwellian punishment of the masses by way of our TV screens? Have we not appeased the island gods enough by tolerating the fact that Jack is on the show at all? Oh, the humanity!

And apparently Saint is not an exalted enough job description for the weeping one. "Although he walks among us, he is not one of us" All righty then, it seems he will soon be elevated to the position of Messiah. Is anybody buying into this? I know there are lots of cults in the USofA, but come on. I wonder if he'll grow a white beard and spit lightening bolts from his fingertips?

Altogether now, can we say, Skank Ho? Holy mother of vestals! Where in the name of Bubbles did they find her? The place where pole dancers go to die? Maybe this episode should have been called "Strange-HER In A Strange Land". I was on line for hours, fighting off crowds of people tainted by that scene, trying to buy antibiotics. I also have it good authority that at least two exorcisms were required by unfortunate viewers desecrated by unclean spirits.

Actually this should technically be the 'meh', but that's not a category in this format so since it was neither particularly good or bad, it lands here. The SkAngst. It was alright, but left something to be desired. Sawyer was rather mean, if overwhelmingly vulnerable and insecure, but his little accusation cut. And cut deep. That was Kate's best hurt face in the history of Lost. It screamed "I can't believe you think so little of me as to think I'd do that", and she withdrew. Which we know is her usual MO. Hurt or anger Kate, she shuts you out. It'll be nice when Kate drops the last shred of her guilt-laced Jack-baggage off in the jungle, so she can get back to Sawyer and they can start hammering out their relationship issues. I'm all for some good Skate angst, but will it ALWAYS have to revolve around Jack?

Methinks not. Enter, Jacket.

The Good -

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Yeah, baby! Jacket, Jacket, JACKET. He's literally got her back. Elizabeth Mitchell steals every damn scene she's in, and she makes Foxeeee a better actor, just as Juliet makes Jack bearable...hell, I found myself even LIKING the guy when he oh, so gently (and oh, so UN-Jack-like) asked her "Please. Please do it", sending her for the aloe to tenderly dress her wounds. And the light touching of the fingers? I hesitate to say it - but be still my heart!

A cursory glance around the web reveals Bubbles everywhere donning lifeJACKETs. Gotta give kudos to TPTB for finding EM, and for discovering & rolling with Jacket. It has crushed Jate spectacularly under its wheels, and it's barely even boarding yet!

All ashore who's going ashore!

Life in Fishbiscuitland is good.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Yet More Brilliance from Dezdemona

In the "Didn't Love It" thread (SiaSL episode) on the Fuselage, Dezdemona has put the smack-down of all smack-downs on TPTB. She effectively and eloquently called them on their incompetence bullshit and lack of direction, and perfectly articulated the frustration that 99.999% of Lost fans feel, but couldn't quite express. Not this perfectly, anyway.

OH, how I hope someone prints this out and lays it on Damon & Carlton's desks - - this is one memo they NEED to get!

And I quote:


I've had the impression for awhile now that TPTB are really out of touch with their audience, and after this episode I'm absolutely convinced of it. I don't want to offend them or anyone else, and this is just my opinion, but I think they have completely lost sight of why any of us fell in love with this show in the first place and the result is that they're coming at everything backwards. This results in a tail-wagging-the-dog effect and, frankly, I'm fed up with staring at the dog's rear end.

I LOVE the original characters that I crashed on this island with in the pilot episode. I feel for them, identify with them, root for them, and care about them and about THEIR well-being and prospects for survival/rescue. That's PARAMOUNT to me. I care about everything else only insofar as it affects/mystifies/threatens those characters. IMO, never, EVER losing sight of that should be the show's "Prime Directive". In fact, it should be the ONLY directive.

Yes, I'm intrigued by the spooky, dangerous and mysterious island because it's where my people live, because it contains threats to their very existence and mysteries they need to solve. I was captivated from the outset by the idea of solving them alongside the characters, almost like a shadow participant in a really cool video game being designed and played by the Lost team of writers, cast and crew. However, without its meaning to MY people, the island would be like a video game with no players. By itself, the island is just a landscape, not a show, and I wouldn't give a damn about it or about any of the peripheral characters on it. It's the interaction between my group of characters and the island that makes the island important to me, the interaction between my group and the Others that makes the Others important to me. I want to solve the riddles because they need to. The pivot and the POV is always my original group.

SOME new characters MAY become new members of my group, such as Danielle, Desmond and (long before I met her) Alex. Some never will, no matter how much the writers might want them to, and I put Ana and Libby in that category - Ana was unpalatable and Libby was bland and had no story. OTOH, Bernard had a free pass via Rose, and Eko had a potent redemption story.

We were told S3 would be about the Others, that the writers were aiming to change our perspective about them. I was up for that and open to the possibility that a couple of them might become new members of my group too. However, we are NINE episodes into the season, almost half way, and I STILL have no contextual basis on which to identify with or judge/categorize/evaluate the Others at all. None. (Except for Juliet, who may or may not become somebody I care about like my original group.) We already knew the Others were violent and barbaric. It turns out they had a better wardrobe than we thought. So what? Every week, I meet more and more of them and care less and less because I have NO CONTEXT for anything they're doing, no way to get a handle on who the hell they are and why they behave as they do. If TPTB want me to care or even be interested, I need CONTEXT, not this ridiculous evavisive and badly-written STALLING that I've been getting. I cared about the original Losties because I could easily identify with "crashed, stranded and scared". It's why I felt for Desmond and Danielle as well. I need the equivalent context for the Others, and all I've been getting instead is "Neener-neener, we know but we're not telling you." Pfft!

The question I want answered is what the hell makes them tick? And I'm more than fed up with everything about that being cloaked in mystery. THAT'S the least interesting thing about them to me because I neither know them as individuals nor give a crap about them as a group. What I do care about is how their problem or purpose or whatever-the-hell-it-is will affect/hurt/help MY GROUP. (Note: See Prime Directive.) THAT should have been the substance of the season, IMO. Instead, not only do I not know how my group will be affected, but half of MY GROUP have actually been bloody displaced from the show by this new and ever-increasing bunch of people that I'm learning nothing substantive about episode after episode. !!!!!!!

What were TPTB thinking? "Let's take our hit show, with characters people have come to love and replace about half of it with a different show, featuring a bunch of people the fans have barely seen and have reason NOT to like... and let's NOT tell them why they should care about these new people that have shoved their favorites right off the screen." Okaaaay. Is anybody unclear why it's not working very well? (Again, IMO.)

Last night's episode was horrible, even for what it tried to be. It was badly written, from start to finish and that led to stumbles in the directing and acting departments as well. (IMO) We were given no clue at what point in his life Jack decided to traipse off to Thailand to "find" himself and fly kites he couldn't build. I'm also curious who he supposedly honed his poker skills with, the kid on the beach or the skanky Thai girl with the "gift"? And speaking of Achara, the girl who supposedly sees "what people really are", I am so freakin' fed up with being TOLD by this show that Jack is a "leader" and a "great man". He did a noble thing in bargaining for Kate and Sawyer to get away, but since he knowingly led them into a trap without giving them vital information they had a right to in the first place, I figure he actually owed them a save if he could pull it off. And for the rest, Jack's supposed road to greatness seems to be paved with women he stalks, intimidates and yells at. It makes for a hell of an unappealing "hero". Color me turned off and continuously baffled by the choice of this unattractive character as the show's pivot point.

This episode also had some of the laziest writing I've seen on this show. Poor Sawyer had so many one-liners and nicknames that he seemed like a caricature of himself, and that's happened a LOT this season. He's a fascinating character, played by a charismatic actor... and both deserve better. Kate, OTOH, was all over the place and I kept getting pulled out of the story just wondering if poor Evi even knew what Kate was supposed to be feeling/thinking. I don't blame Evi, I blame the script which carried "opaque" to new lengths, even for this character on this show. MF and EM managed to pull off the aloe-treatment scene fairly well, but I can't name one other scene I thought was strong in the whole episode. That's a first because I think the show has benefited right from the start from some of the best acting on TV. It astonishes me that a show with one of the most talented, charismatic and purely WATCHABLE casts ever put together would choose to put half of them on the back burner, for ANY reason, much less do it for what amounts to virtually a third of a season!

That brings me to another big issue I think TPTB are off about, (again just IMHO), i.e. their rigid determination to hold on to a story-telling device that has needed to be re-thought for a year now, i.e. the character-centric flash-back in every episode. A seventh flashback about Jack was almost doomed by definition. Unfortunately, I feel as though TPTB have made the mandatory character-centric flashback into THEIR Prime Directive. I think this devices is holding the show hostage and strangling it at this point. While admitting, themselves, that's it's gotten tired, TPTB's "fix" for this is to bring in more new characters for whom they can write fresh, first-time flashbacks. Really? That's another case of the tail wagging the dog. The flashbacks are a storytelling device, and they should serve the story rather than the other way around. Sacrificing story to form, and replacing characters I love with new ones they refuse to give me context for or reasons to care about is taking them farther and farther away from MY Prime Directive all the time.

I guess I'm frustrated at the concept level now, not just with the execution. I feel as though TPTB have lost all sense of how to build "mystery and intrigue" into the show, so they're just making EVERYTHING a mystery to cover all their bases: who the Others are, where they came from; what their purpose is; why they're so violent but believe themselves to be "good"; who's the father of Sun's baby, whom Kate loves, why the Others are interested in children, the Black Rock, the "sickness" and on and on, ad infinitum. Frustration +++

Hence, and somewhat to my surprise, all the cutsie meta stuff in this episode just irritated the hell out of me, even though I know it was meant to amuse. I don't watch a lot of network television, and I certainly don't watch bad television. IMO this last episode was really bad television. The ONLY reason I'll be tuning back in next weeek is because - to quote myself -

I LOVE the original characters that I crashed on this island with in the pilot episode. I feel for them, identify with them, root for them, and care about them and about THEIR well-being and prospects for survival/rescue.

That's my rant. LOST, my Sweet, you have been absolutely awesome at times, but even the best foreplay leads to chafing if it's endless - you know? It's time to show me what else you've got before I get ticked off enough to kick you out of bed!


Brilliance. Sheer, utter, and total brilliance.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More Maevie Craziness

I've been neglecting the Mavies who make the craziest of Jate Bubbleheads look like reasonable, sane people with realistic expectations. The following was pulled from a Mavie thread:

Mavie #1: OK, so I kinda get what you mean and I really love you for saying those things. I'm just trying to think about it from my pov. As terrible as I'll sound - if I was in Evie's situation, I'd do anything to break Matt and his wife apart. Not because they shouldn't be together, but because I'd feel he's the right person for me. I don't know what Evie feels about him now, but at the beginning it obviously showed she had some special feelings for him. So instead of trying to do something, especially when your job is to kiss this man, you settle for a horrible alternative?!

For the record: 'horrible alternative' = Dominic Monaghan. They've gotten the word that Dom & Evie announced a wedding date (no idea if that's confirmed), and now they're all flapping in a panic.

And Mavie #2 has it all figured out...Foxeeee bailed on the GGs because...

Mavie #2: i think there has to be suspicions around why matt and evie do/dont attend certain things. i think they as people have to think very carefully about the way they act in public and the things that they attend. it takes talent just to be mavie. sometimes i kinda think that there is a theory behind them acting mavie,. just like jate, because like jate, they have to hide what they really feel!

Poetry. Sheer poetry. "it takes talent just to be mavie". *tears up*

Mavie #3: I was just thinking. If Charlie is gonna die then Dom shouldn't be on set as often whereas Evie will. I wonder if that would put a dent in the relationship.

Yes, it will. Because Evie NEVER, EVER leaves the set, and if Dom isn't on set...then when, oh when shall he EVER see Evie again?

Mavie #4:And what about Charlie dying? Is it true? Imagine if this happened, We could have more Mavieness.

Mavie #5: I'm not sure about Charlie dying... Desmond talked about it last night in the epi but maybe it's not gonna happen... I don't want Charlie to die. BUT, as a big Mavie fan, I would appreciate the absence of Dom near Evie....!! She's gonna need someone ... her Matt!!

Or "Marguerita's Matt", as it were... *rolling eyes*

Mavie #1: Well, I believe that if Charlie will die, Dominic will probably stick around until he gets a new role, but I definitely see this effecting their relationship. I mean, how could it not? But I doubt he will die anytime soon, for some reason the writers actually think of his character as useful IMO he should've died the first time at the first season.

Erm...he DID "died the first time at the first season", you dumbass. How fitting that it was Foxeeee's Jack, Jack, JACK!!! that brought him back to life? *snerk*

Oh, hell...wait a minute. Since the show and real life are all intermingled to these twits...and Jack saved Charlie, who is actually Kate's RL boyfriend...


Oh, the humanity! Goodbye, cruel world!


And finally here's some uplifting Mavie Fan-fiction to keep us all warm and cozy at night, fantasizing about two real life actors cheating on their spouses/significant others:

"After the sex, they lay limply in each other’s arms, silence filling all the gaps around them as they endured the pain that once again resumed. Evie’s mouth was embedded in Matt’s shoulder as he lay heavily over her, his head crushed against her chest, his eyes peering into the woven carpet over her shoulder.

"She held the hope within her mind, for as long as his pause let her. She felt the warmth suddenly oozing from his eyes as he fixated on her."

"“Sexually?” she stated in front of Matt. “You mean thinking about me, about each other,” she says twisting her fingers into his head,"

"“Then why?” he gasps, holding her tighter now, gripping her with fists full of questions, pulling her up in his arms, so she is closer." Read more...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Flashes Before Your Eyes - Review

Before there were Jate shippers or Skate shippers ...or shipper wars... before the Fuselage became a shipper zoo patrolled by small-minded incompetents and meanspirited enemies of free and open discussion...there was a show we all could enjoy together. And this episode was a little dose of deja vu to remind us what that was like. So to celebrate, let's all have a little fun...

Easter Egg Hunt

And 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42=???

How many clues can you find? Hint:(3)

Answer: polar bear, upside down Buddha (useful for brainwashing), NAMASTE spelled backwards (which means what exactly? It's kind of a Hindu Aloha - hello/goodbye in one word.)

Credit to Dark UFO for this one. Can you pick out the image that appears in both these pics? Answer: Apparently Mr. Widmore has a painting in his office that was painted by Aaron's daddy...cue Twilight Zone music.

A house falling on someone wearing red shoes? Is Desmond Dorothy? Answer: Yes. Or no. Whatever. What the big question is...who's the Wicked Witch of the West?


See anything familiar? Answer: Ads for Apollo candy. On a British football field. Is the UK part of Dharma now?

What's wrong with this picture? Answer: American spellings of honor on a Brit recruit poster.

************************************************************************************* This episode was muy entertaining and had a neat season one feel to it and Desmond is a total hottie, but WTF was it about anyway?

Theory One: Time travel. Slaughterhouse Five territory. All layers of time coexisting - not just as one past/present/future but infinite varieties of pasts/presents/futures. Not just what did happen or will happen but what could have happened and what should happen. When Desmond wakes up covered in Dorothy-red paint, he is actually present Desmond. He knows he's having a flashback. He is conscious of the future he has already experienced. Yet this past-as-present is entirely real as well. It's not the same past as he lived before. In fact, when he confronts street minstrel Charlie, all layers are in that one scene - the real moment past Desmond confronted past Charlie, present Desmond trying to explain the island present to an uncomprehending Charlie and future Charlie (dead) in Desmond's precog-infested mind.

Theory Two: When Morpheus, the old Irish lady, commands him to believe that fate is immutable, Desmond apparently believes her. He wants to defy her predictions, but instead ends up doing just as she says. In explicably, he throws away his future with Penny - which is entirely available to him now - joins the military and plods along on the exact same future that he has come to loathe. Why? Now that he knows how badly his decision will turn out, why repeat it? Did he really have to do it? In the last second of his flashback, before another blow to the head wakes him up, he in fact does change fate. Jimmy Lennon doesn't club the bartender because Desmond prevents it. But back on the island, Desmond has learned nothing and continues to terrify Charlie with exactly the same fatalism as the Irishwoman gave to him.

Theory Three: It's all a dream. Nothing all that complex. Desmond gets a concussion and enters a dream state. Where all his regrets (Penny) and all his shame (Widmore's insults) return to haunt him. The numbers appear on the clock (108) or from a delivery man (815) because these numbers are roiling Desmond's subconscious. Penny calls him a coward because Charlie called him a coward seconds earlier. The Mama Cass song plays to trigger revelations. The microwave beeps with exactly the same tone as the hatch signal. The old woman is just Desmond speaking to himself, reminding himself of what an idiot he was to throw away his only chance at happiness.

Theory Four: Lost can go an entire episode without referencing Kate's sexual choices even once. Can you believe it? It's possible!

Theory Five: Lost can still be creative. There is no law that says flashbacks have to be repetitive, boring bathroom breaks. They don't have to constantly retread the same tired ground or use the same format. If the writers gave themselves the freedom to think outside of their own self created box, maybe they could even find a way to make the rest of the season as fresh and lively as this episode felt.

Kulcha References - a.k.a clevah homages to stuff we didn't think up ourselves

Kurt Vonnigut, Slaughterhouse Five (Ooh, how literary!)

Vladimir Nabakov - Speak, Memory (Can't quite make out the cover for sure)

Wizard of Oz (see above) Free Photo Sharing : Free Photo Sharing : Free Photo Sharing : Free Photo Sharing : Free Photo Sharing :
Hieronymus - Hieronymous Bosch, Flemish painter (Garden of Earthly Delights Tryptych, Adam and Eve, island-like outer shutters) / or reference to the machine created by Dr. Thomas Galen Hieronymus - does the art world or the pseudo scientific psychic world put Charlie through his 'Pace-s'?

Lord of the Rings, tossing the "precious" into the sea

A Brief History of Time - Mrs "Hawkings" (See below - Aldo was reading the book in NIP as well)

Will Charlie really die?

1. Yes. Clare will kill him for being such a kvetching yenta who can't even give her five minutes to thank the man who saved her life without pushing the baby in her face.

2. No. It's bad luck to kill a hobbit...or the leading lady's boyfriend.

3. Err....Technically he already died in Season One, so maybe Desmond's got the past/future thing in his head a little mixed up?

Who was that freaky Old Lady?

1. Penny in the future.

2. Desmond's subconscious.

3. Stephen Hawkings' mommy

4. God herself.

5. Someone Demon & Curse hired because she starred in a really cool movie called The Others.

Now, as we all know, even though this was a pretty awesome episode, the ratings were dismal. Lowest in the history of the show. In fact, the Mediaweek TV critic calls Lost the "tragedy of the season" because of the incompetence of ABC execs who chose to mishandle the scheduling of this fine show. The hiatus was a mistake. The 10PM slot has not been kind. And the fandom is as sour as acid right now, just nitpicking the show to bits and looking for any opportunity to pounce. Lost isn't the finest show ever made. It's not even the finest show on tv right now. But in a time of reality show wastelands and celebrity trashathons, does Lost deserve the attacks it's getting right now? This episode proved, if nothing else, that the writers can still produce, that they can give a good actor a great showpiece, that they can befuddle and confuse and still leave us entertained.

I think there's a lot of hope left for Lost and I'm rooting for it to come back....Though D & C's chess analogy wasn't encouraging - the one about losing the queen and knights in the first two minutes or whatever and still winning the match. Guys, if you lose the queen and both knights in the first two minutes, you are the world's worst chess player. Time to button your lips, stop making buttocks of yourself in the media and get back to WORK. Write a good show. The rest will follow. Read more...

The mighty (and constant!) Jater influx

Since the kicky one brought up our ridiculous notion of their inflated membership rolls, I thought we might point a few things out to her with regard to their list ...

As of Feb 17th, their list was a whopping 357 members strong!

Of course, they skip from #46 to #50. Did 47 - 49 slip through a crack? Were they thrown overboard? Jump ship, maybe?

And there are two "members" (who are known to be alternate identities of a VERY well known Couch Denizen) still remaining from the infamous British Invasion. You remember ... that bit of nastiness from season 1 when a few Jaters had to cheat in order to win in the game threads. Those names are, #62- penny4yourthoughts and #70- lilyankeecat14. This particular jinx Jater has at least 19 additional "selves", but since they are not listed as official Jaters, and 2 of them have actually been banned, I won't list them here. But I will say that 5 of them, including the 2 banned ones, are still listed as members of the Fox Den. Heh.

One member has been assigned 2 numbers. "myothercarisflight815" is both #246 and #315. I could have written this one off as an innocent mistake ...

If not for the other name which appears twice in the Jater membership list despite not being listed as a member of The Fuselage, AT ALL. The mystery member, "The Other Chick" is both Jater #226 and #284. And I might even be prevailed upon to overlook this seemingly impossible accomplishment of gaining membership to the Couch without benefit of Fuselage membership ...

Were there not 10, count 'em, 10, other officially numbered Fuselage Jaters who attained their placements without even being Fuselage members! These excessively agile Jaters are ...

# 80 -Empty_handcuffs
#323-Los Jater

Now, of course it is possible that these are simply the original names for people who have changed their usernames. If this is the case, I wonder if their new name got a new Jater number? That's certainly one way to keep your numbers up. *rolls eyes*

The Queen Bubble-bee also has a curious habit of assigning an official Jater number to anyone who posts anything at all in the thread. Whether they request membership or not. Who knows how many "Jaters" there are who are not Jaters at all, but merely dropped by the thread to offer their congrats for an award nomination or some other message, with no intention of either joining or ever coming back? There's really no way to tell without spending untold hours of research. Kinda not worth it.

And last, but certainly not least, I would be remiss in addressing this issue without mentioning everyones favorite Jater of all, and frequent visitor here, our own darling Cactus Jack. Despite having been banned from the Fuse, he remains on the Jater list at #257. Doubtless he also has other incarnations which have managed to get numbers and retain their standing.

So ... we can establish with only a cursory reading of the list that it's numbers are inflated by at least 5 1/2% of it's claimed membership. It makes one wonder how well it would hold up under any real scrutiny.

I'm guessing ... not very well at all.

Preview of Kristin's Vine Special

Apparently Kristin's Vine special has a little preview up, with this exchange from Demon & Curse:

Damon: You know, Jack has actually stayed behind, you know, Kate and Sawyer have now left him behind. She feels incredibly guilty having been sprung, so sort of any romantic advancement between her and Sawyer is gonna be sort of mitigated by the fact that the only reason they're alive is because of this act of heroism that Jack did, so, you know, that complicates things.

Carlton: That complicates things, but it would be wrong to say that Kate and Sawyer are over, too.

Damon: Oh, no.

Carlton: They're not over.

Damon: They're not over by a long shot.

Carlton: There's more to come for them.

Well, well well...Damon and Carlton being evasive? Who'da thunk it? Not over by a long shot? Actually, for these guys that's pretty close to a declarative sentence. At least this time we're on the right side of the innuendo. I guess we were due.

Still, those boys just love to play us rabid shippers like a finely tuned fiddle.

"Not over by a long shot" vs. their bond is "kind of the ultimate relationship"...Any hopes of an immediate end to Skate were just "kinda" "shot" down, I would say. Read more...

We're not Biased - Part 2

A little birdie told me to go check out the Couch on the Fuse today, and lo and behold...what do we have here:

Majandra to the Jater flock - "But only if there are no Skaters around, please, or we'll end up in WW III... "

Now one of the cardinal rules on the Fuselage is not to bash other fan groups, or say anything which might be considered baiting or generalizing about said fan groups. Apparently that rule only applies if you are a non-jate member or not one of the mods. Then bash away till the frakking cows come home.

Is it any wonder that Skaters at the Fuse feel as though their concerns about fairness of treatment are not being addressed? Is it any wonder that the crazier Bubbleheads feel entitled to make constant passive aggressive comments, and continue to bash certain characters, the writers, the actors, and opposing fan groups (if things aren't going their way) when they appear to have the sanction of the mods themselves? Read more...

We're not Biased - Part 2

A little birdie told me to go check out the Couch on the Fuse today, and lo and behold...what do we have here:

Majandra to the Jater flock - "But only if there are no Skaters around, please, or we'll end up in WW III... "

Now one of the cardinal rules on the Fuselage is not to bash other fan groups, or say anything which might be considered baiting or generalizing about said fan groups. Apparently that rule only applies if you are a non-jate member or not one of the mods. Then bash away till the frakking cows come home.

Is it any wonder that Skaters at the Fuse feel as though their concerns about fairness of treatment are not being addressed? Is it any wonder that the crazier Bubbleheads feel entitled to make constant passive aggressive comments, and continue to bash certain characters, the writers, the actors, and opposing fan groups (if things aren't going their way) when they appear to have the sanction of the mods themselves? Read more...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Promo Musings

After seeing the promos for Stranger in a Strange land, which oddly has not pushed the oh so laughable skang-kee sex romp and has featured an angsty moment with Skate instead (What up ABC promo dudes? I thought that gratuitous sex sells? And that the general audience prefers Chimp Chest hotting up the screen? Hmmm), I went to check the forums and had a good chuckle.

I present to you the ideal resolution to the Skate argument from the Jater point of view:

Kate: I only sexed you up because I thought you would die. Now I find you disgusting and want to spit on you. Of course I'm guilty I did it. I left my one true love over there with that blond lady, who anyone can tell is totally evil. I never want you to touch me again. If I catch you looking at my ass I will shoot your kneecaps out. Now pick up Karl and follow me back to the beach so I can raise a posse to rescue the greatest man who ever lived.

Sawyer, looking shamefaced: I've known it all along. And out of my love for you, I will freely and gladly let you to go your true love and I will do everything to help you two get together after which I will die and Jack can pour carbolic acid on my body so that not even my bones can remain to remind you of your shameful act.

Kate (morphing suddenly into her true form - a gigantic black widow spider): That won't be necessary, James. Now that I've had sex with you, your function in this plot is over. So I'll just turn my stomach inside out and digest you whole. At least you can have some worth as nutrition, you worthless piece of *****.

It just frakking cracks me up that that the Bubbleheads insist that the Skate sexual tension must be gone now because they had sex. They make sex sound like a vaccination. One shot and you're done. *snicker*. Read more...

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Mod Meltdown, To the Amusement of All!

The wretched nightmare closet-Jater frakking Mod Who Shall Not Be Named showed her ass yet again today, calling out the ZOMG!RUDEandTROUBLEMAKING Skaters!! for instigating shipper wars.

Warning/Disclaimer: CAPS!LOCK for emphasis, attempted clever sarcasm, and venom ensues -

<<< all right, i have just about had enough with this shipper war and rudeness when reporting posts that the SKATERS seem to think are over the line.

so i bring you a case study. pay attention class.

show me where in this post where there are vile insults?

In regards to the Kate/Sawyer situation, I have to ask, why now? For me, there was a window of opportunity during season two where a relationship or hookup of sorts between them would have been acceptable and believable to almost everyone. I really expected it after Sawyer got back from the raft, but things changed after “The Long Con” . Kate and Jack grew closer, and Kate showed little interest in Sawyer through the rest of the season. Even in season three, Kate spent most of her time rolling her eyes at Sawyer and rebuffing his advances, so I’m completely confused at her decision to just have sex with him in a cage in broad daylight, no less. I’m just wondering if there is something else that I should have picked up on in regards to Kate’s feelings about Sawyer. Personally, I think Kate made a major mistake in a very traumatic situation, and it’s going to take a very long time for me to ever look at her character in a positive light again. I just feel like this triangle resolution could have played out in a way that didn’t destroy her character to this extent, and I felt like it was completely unnecessary for Jack to have to see it. I didn’t think I could feel any worse for him after his flashbacks this season, but this has topped that.

what? no vile insults? wow! maybe that is why it was left?

please note the following in regards to the above post:
lack of insults for the opposite ship
lack of persuading comments to sway the VIP to their ship
lack of rude comments directed towards TPTB

still not sure why was it left and not edited? for a few reasons above that are quite clear really when you stop seeing it as OMG shipper post and see the post as a post.
the post was completely accepting of what happened in the show.
they just didnt happen to like the events

nowhere in there did that post go against the RULES for posting shipper posts to the VIPs.

perhaps the poster that reported that post NEEDS to read the Rules again? or at least take off the glasses that they are wearing so that they can see things without the spin that they seem to read everything on this board with.

now onto why MOST of the Skater posts seem to be edited or removed.

well that is easy b/c MOST of them insult the other ship, insult the shippers, insult TPTB, insult the storyline. most of the time the posts are rude and derogatory. if the Skaters would take time to compose a letter that wasnt "in your face" to the VIPs then it would be left...unless it broke any of the points listed.

in conclusion, to the person that reported this post:

the comments in your RP were totally uncalled for. (they will be forwarded to Karri for review in addition to your rude accusatory PM to me.) if you READ the rules again and actually READ the posts you would then see why they were left. it has nothing to do with a bias for Jate and against Skate, it has to do with them actually following the rules, being respectful towards the VIPs, and not rude towards others. something that the posters in this ship could certainly stand to learn.

you can whine all you want to about the imagined bias but most of the time it is a group effort and not one that i do alone. maybe you should take that into consideration before you decide to accuse this mod of being biased or unfair. >>>

To "the person that reported this post" - don't know who you are, friend, but I shake you warmly by the hand. Well done.

Other than that, no words necessary. Just a hell of a lot of *LOLZ*! Read more...

Monday, February 5, 2007

That's my girl Evi!

Lost Magazine came out with an interview with Evangeline Lilly speaking of her character Kate. Josh speaks of Sawyer too but I think Evi's thoughts on the mini arc are particulary Skate affirming. Kate may never be able to settle down with either man, but it would seem she really does love Sawyer, according to Evi.

Read 'em and weep Bubbleheads.

Transcript courtesy of Leah Kate from LF:

Uncaged and Untamed

Not only are Kate and Sawyer out in the open, so is their love for one another. With Season Three exploding back onto our screens, Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway talk exclusively about their intense time by the Hydra station, and the direction Lost is heading in.

Words: Tara DiLullo

From the moment they first laid eyes on each other in the wreckage of Flight 815, there's been a slowly building passion burning between Kate Austen and James "Sawyer" Ford.

Both damaged souls with shady pasts, they are fiercely independent even in the wilds of their new home in the jungle. Despite being stranded in the middle of the Pacific, they hold fast to their adopted armor, keeping their distance from those who reach out to them. Yet their metaphorical fences don't apply to one another, as they've connected in a smoldering dance, testing one another's comfort zones while revealing small increments of their true selves. Be it a sexy kiss by a tree, or Sawyer's nickname for Kate of "Freckles," this pair of kindred souls have been captivating one another and Lost audiences since the show began.

While there may be many fans who were hoping for Jack and Kate to finally admit their feelings to each other, that wasn't the story that unfolded in the first third of season three. While the three were held by the Others, it was Kate and Sawyer - stuck in their cages across from one another - that bonded over exhausting manual labor and fear, as their imminent death loomed over them. Terrified for one another, and emotionally and physically broken, the pair finally succumbed to their feelings and gave in to their mutual passion. It's been a long time coming for actors Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway. The duo have worked alongside one another for two and a half years now, both maturing in their craft as they've been able to evolve their characters together.

Season three has already provided Lilly and Holloway with plenty of surprises and challenges. Left uncertain of where this year would take them at the end of season two, Lilly says she was immediately relieved upon returning to work. "When I first started reading the scripts, I was really, really excited because I had told [Lost magazine] that between seasons one and two I had hoped and expected to see stronger sides of Kate come out and it hadn't happened. But this season, the ultimate happened where they actually did go exactly where I was hoping they would go." For Holloway, Sawyer's predicament brought to mind some deja vu. "If you notice, there were some similarities between where Sawyer was emotionally in the beginning of season two and where he was emotionally in the opening of season three," Holloway explains. "Sawyer, Michael, and Jin thought they were actually captured by the Others, before they found out later that Eko, Ana-Lucia and that whole gang were actually survivors from the plane as well. In the season three opening, Jack, Kate and Sawyer are in captivity by the actual Others. Since we ended season two on a cliffhanger with the three of them being captured, I wasn't as surprised as I was excited when I found us in the Others' camp. I thought the writers did an amazing job in how they introduced the Others. There were just so many questions about them and to start finding bits and pieces of answers was extremely exciting."

The captivity storyline also allowed the actors to explore the deepest issues that plague both Kate and Sawyer - their rabid fear of exposing their vulnerable sides to the world. Instead of hinting at their issues, as touched upon in their flashbacks, the cages allowed the writers and the actors to jump right into the emotional fray. "The very first episode, Kate was separated from the boys, so to speak, and she was left to her own devices," Lilly explains about her scenes in A Tale of Two Cities. "Looking Ben directly in the eyes and facing down what is a 'creepy monster,' so to speak. Ben is depicted in a way that is really quite terrifying - even for the men that are larger than him and more imposing than him physically. Ben has such a psychological presence and so I really wanted to play those moments where she was obviously frightened and vulnerable. However, despite those weaknesses and fears, she was able to rise up and face him head on. I think it was a defining moment at the beginning of the season that would reflect who she was going to be and how she was going to behave over the next few episodes, until we see them leave the cages. I think [the writers] wrote Kate in such a beautiful way. She has continued to be more and more vulnerable, and reveal more and more of herself, but she's returned to her strength. I think that is true healing when you don't have to become weak, but you are willing to become vulnerable."

Surprisingly, one of the tools the writers used to shed the emotional layers for Kate was putting her in a frilly dress. Lilly laughs and offers, "Yeah, it's funny because they have been trying to get Kate in a dress for a really long time. I have perpetually fought the issue because my creative standpoint is that I am the 'defender of this character.' She is my responsibility and I have said, 'I cannot make sense creatively of Kate choosing to wear a dress.' Yet the producers have wanted to put her in one in the flashbacks. Finally they found a way that creatively, it made complete sense to put Kate in a dress and for the first time ever, I didn't have anything to say about it. I was like, 'OK, that makes sense, and it would be a clever way to try and break Kate down.' I thought it was really hilarious when they found a creatively integral way to get Kate in a dress!" Yet the dress did exactly as hoped, not only for Kate, but for Lilly too. "I think it really threw me for a loop for the first little while. I was very much out of my element. Even walking onto the set with all of the crew - who are so used to me playing Kate in that very rough and tumble way - to walk onto set in a dress was unnerving. I actually had to go through a similar thing that Kate went through. I had to buck up and maintain my performance and the character regardless of what she was wearing. I also had to overcome it and not feel insecure and uncomfortable and do my job."

According to Lilly, she also feels the writers hit the right notes metaphorically with the cages. "When we started the season, I called up Damon and said, 'How brilliant are you?' You have now taken Kate and Sawyer and put both of them into a situation that is their worst nightmare. More than anything in the world, they are afraid to be caged. They have spent their lives avoiding it. In Josh's flashback, you see that Sawyer has been in prison. We don't know at this point if [Kate's] ever been in prison and broken out, but she's devoted her life to avoiding being in prison and now she's caged."

Over the first six episodes of season three, the pair fight their circumstances, and they eventually come to terms with where they are and what they will do to protect one another. With that mutual understanding of what they mean to each other, the stage was set for that moment many fans were waiting for - Kate and Sawyer finally making love. Holloway admits he's been waiting for the moment for ages. Echoing fan sentiments, he says, "The love triangle between Jack, Kate, and Sawyer has been going on for a while now. Naturally, after a certain amount of time invested, it becomes necessary for the audience to see some kind of resolution." For Lilly, she says it was a moment that finally felt earned. "By virtue of being caged together, in a way, they were forced to intimacy. That has an effect on a human being, to face your worst nightmare has an effect on you, which is unsettling and unnerving and strips you bare. I feel that is a huge part of how Kate became vulnerable enough to cry out that she loves a man and actually offer him her kiss, instead of letting him kiss her. I think because she was stripped so bare, when Sawyer says, 'I was trying to give you hope,' the idea that in all of this hell he was trying to protect Kate broke her down. It opened her up to offer him this little nugget of love, which was her kiss. Even after she did it, he asks, 'What was that for?' and she says, 'I don't know,' when clearly she knows. Obviously, the actual answer is, 'I love you, and I don't know how to say it because I am afraid to say it.' He is so much like her that when he she says that, he hears, 'I love you,' and then kisses her back. I think the writers did it so beatifully because it was real and grown up."

While many fans expected the sex, the exchange of the word "love" between the two was more surprising than the actual deed. "The reality of when you first say 'I love you" to somebody, in my experience, it's never some grandiose thing. You've been wanting to say it for so long that by the time it comes out of your mouth, it's the most obvious thing in the world." But the actual words coming from Sawyer's mouth, in earnest, was still a huge moment. Holloway concurs. "It was tricky. As we all know, 'I love you' is just not something a guy like Sawyer would normally say to anyone. But then again, different things and different situations do affect people signficantly at times. Like when you come out alive from a really horrible car accident. What do you do next? You call your wife, husband, family, friends, whoever, just to let them know how much you care about them and that you're OK. That is human nature. In this specific case, Sawyer has survived a plane crash, been stranded on this mysterious island and experienced things that even in his wild law-breaking days, he'd never imagined experiencing. That type of 'out of this world' experience brings out a lot of different feelings in any human being. This [love] scene is a prime example of that."

With months of shooting scenes almost exclusively with one another, Lilly and Holloway survived some of their most consistently emotional scenes side-by-side. "The pressure cooker is a good analogy because we have been in one," Lilly muses. "This show always mimics reality and reality always mimics this show. Josh and I have worked together a lot in the first two seasons, but not always. There may be a scene with Sawyer and Kate, and Jack will interrupt, or Kate will be defending Charlie from Sawyer, but we are usually interacting with the group as well. This was the first time where Josh and I walked in not knowing what the story or the dynamic would be. We were thrown into a situation where almost every single scene is just Josh and I. The scenes that involved other people were new people. These are new actors we are working with for the first time, so [at first] they are ultimately perfect strangers. Josh and I were the only familiar faces we got to see on set. There is an element of Kate and Sawyer that got thrust together because they were all each other had. In the same way, Josh and I have really had to trust one another and challenge one another because we are completely dependent on one another. I feel when we are doing scenes that that blends into the characters."

The first arc of the new season revealed more of Kate's troubled past in the episode I Do. It turns out Kate was in love and married before, but due to her past, she has to run away again from the life she wants to protect herself from. Lilly says it was an important facet of Kate to discover. "What I saw was that she had fallen in love [deeply] enough to marry a man, which for Kate is huge! The level and depth of her love for this guy must have gone really deep because she actually supplanted herself out of the situation and created a whole other version of herself to love him back. It was a huge sacrifice. What I thought it represented more than anything is the fact that she can never really love someone as simply herself - she has always had to replace or substitute who she really is for something else in order to find love."

That revelation into Kate's psyche set the stage for one of Kate's favorite moments of the season so far. "I really think a defining moment is when she climbs back into the cage. It said so much about Kate. There was so much in that: sex, love, hatred, vulnerability, and a complete closing-off. There were so many things that didn't make sense and yet made perfect sense that opposed one another, that I think it was an amazing representation of who she is and how torn she is inside. She can never seem to settle down with one of them [Sawyer or Jack]. Her actions often shock us because you can never know what to expect of her, or what side of her will rear its head, or what combination of those sides will create a really unpredictable action on her part."

But where does that leave Kate and Sawyer? Holloway laughs. "Are you kidding me? After all that time eating fish biscuits and being caged by the Others? I think he needs to relax, have some cocktails and socialize at the beach. But let's not forget we're on Lost. And we have some of the most adventurous, brilliant writers. Who knows what joy ride they'll take us on next?"

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