Friday, February 2, 2007

Chinese Whispers, Jate Style

It never ceases to amuse me how often Bubbleheads misuse quotes, or even persist on using hoax quotes in their signatures to prove that Jate is Fate.

The latest morphing of a quote comes from this interview with CC...

Original Source quote from TV Guide:
'Nevertheless, says exacutive producer Carlton Cuse, the bond between Kate and Jack "is kind of the ultimate relationship."'

Bastardized Jaterese quote:
Jate is the 'ultimate couple'.

Is it me or do those two quotes have pretty different interpretations? *snicker* The original quote is about Jack and Kate's bond with each other. Which may or may not be a romantic one.

Guys, does this mean you will now be sporting the tagline 'Jate is kind of Fate.'?

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