Sunday, February 18, 2007

We're not Biased - Part 2

A little birdie told me to go check out the Couch on the Fuse today, and lo and behold...what do we have here:

Majandra to the Jater flock - "But only if there are no Skaters around, please, or we'll end up in WW III... "

Now one of the cardinal rules on the Fuselage is not to bash other fan groups, or say anything which might be considered baiting or generalizing about said fan groups. Apparently that rule only applies if you are a non-jate member or not one of the mods. Then bash away till the frakking cows come home.

Is it any wonder that Skaters at the Fuse feel as though their concerns about fairness of treatment are not being addressed? Is it any wonder that the crazier Bubbleheads feel entitled to make constant passive aggressive comments, and continue to bash certain characters, the writers, the actors, and opposing fan groups (if things aren't going their way) when they appear to have the sanction of the mods themselves?

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