Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Mod Meltdown, To the Amusement of All!

The wretched nightmare closet-Jater frakking Mod Who Shall Not Be Named showed her ass yet again today, calling out the ZOMG!RUDEandTROUBLEMAKING Skaters!! for instigating shipper wars.

Warning/Disclaimer: CAPS!LOCK for emphasis, attempted clever sarcasm, and venom ensues -

<<< all right, i have just about had enough with this shipper war and rudeness when reporting posts that the SKATERS seem to think are over the line.

so i bring you a case study. pay attention class.

show me where in this post where there are vile insults?

In regards to the Kate/Sawyer situation, I have to ask, why now? For me, there was a window of opportunity during season two where a relationship or hookup of sorts between them would have been acceptable and believable to almost everyone. I really expected it after Sawyer got back from the raft, but things changed after “The Long Con” . Kate and Jack grew closer, and Kate showed little interest in Sawyer through the rest of the season. Even in season three, Kate spent most of her time rolling her eyes at Sawyer and rebuffing his advances, so I’m completely confused at her decision to just have sex with him in a cage in broad daylight, no less. I’m just wondering if there is something else that I should have picked up on in regards to Kate’s feelings about Sawyer. Personally, I think Kate made a major mistake in a very traumatic situation, and it’s going to take a very long time for me to ever look at her character in a positive light again. I just feel like this triangle resolution could have played out in a way that didn’t destroy her character to this extent, and I felt like it was completely unnecessary for Jack to have to see it. I didn’t think I could feel any worse for him after his flashbacks this season, but this has topped that.

what? no vile insults? wow! maybe that is why it was left?

please note the following in regards to the above post:
lack of insults for the opposite ship
lack of persuading comments to sway the VIP to their ship
lack of rude comments directed towards TPTB

still not sure why was it left and not edited? for a few reasons above that are quite clear really when you stop seeing it as OMG shipper post and see the post as a post.
the post was completely accepting of what happened in the show.
they just didnt happen to like the events

nowhere in there did that post go against the RULES for posting shipper posts to the VIPs.

perhaps the poster that reported that post NEEDS to read the Rules again? or at least take off the glasses that they are wearing so that they can see things without the spin that they seem to read everything on this board with.

now onto why MOST of the Skater posts seem to be edited or removed.

well that is easy b/c MOST of them insult the other ship, insult the shippers, insult TPTB, insult the storyline. most of the time the posts are rude and derogatory. if the Skaters would take time to compose a letter that wasnt "in your face" to the VIPs then it would be left...unless it broke any of the points listed.

in conclusion, to the person that reported this post:

the comments in your RP were totally uncalled for. (they will be forwarded to Karri for review in addition to your rude accusatory PM to me.) if you READ the rules again and actually READ the posts you would then see why they were left. it has nothing to do with a bias for Jate and against Skate, it has to do with them actually following the rules, being respectful towards the VIPs, and not rude towards others. something that the posters in this ship could certainly stand to learn.

you can whine all you want to about the imagined bias but most of the time it is a group effort and not one that i do alone. maybe you should take that into consideration before you decide to accuse this mod of being biased or unfair. >>>

To "the person that reported this post" - don't know who you are, friend, but I shake you warmly by the hand. Well done.

Other than that, no words necessary. Just a hell of a lot of *LOLZ*!

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