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Gregg Nations Pwns the Bubbleheads

I bring you snippets from the Fuselage VIP section. The Bubbleheads went to town after the airing of I Do, and the oh-so unbiased Mods there showed their so-called lack of Jater favoritism by letting some very whiny, bitter, and just plain passive aggressive Jater posts stay up for Gregg to answer. It's a wonder that some of them were allowed to get through. But hey, that's the Fuselage for you. Gregg, ever-the-gentleman patiently answered their bleating posts. The following was compiled with the help of Icekat, because her snark rocks. *high fives*.

Confused Bubblehead #1:

So after the first 40 minutes I was pretty sure Kate had picked Sawyer. But, then there was, in the words of E Online's Kristin, "[Kate] never said the magic L word" when Sawyer asked her if she did love him. Ordinarily, I would agree that a response of a kiss probably means that she does love him, but, in an episode with "I love you"s thrown into almost every flashback scene, this stuck out to me (maybe that was intentional?).... And, with that final scene between Jack and Kate, I began to wonder....maybe this choice wasn't as obvious as I'd thought it would be. I'm not sure how cut-and-dry the choice was supposed to be, but I must admit I'm a little confused. Obviously the fact that she slept with Sawyer meant something, but, then again, it seemed like sort of a goodbye thing, if you know what I mean...

Gregg: I think you bring up a lot of interesting questions and observations. Were there a lot of "I love yous" in the episode thrown around? Why yes, Gregg, there certainly were. Mostly from "Monica" and her husband...

Gregg: Or is Kate selective when she says it? What has happened when she has said it in the past? The word "carnage" comes to mind...

Gregg: Was she being manipulative then, or was it honest and sincere? Honest? Well, she lied to this really great guy, tricking him into marriage under false pretenses, where he didn't even know her real name, let alone the fact that she was a murderess on the I think we can pretty safely check "No" by honesty. Sincere? Well, perhaps she wanted to be sincere, but she was awful darn selfish in marrying Kevin under said false pretenses, and ended up doing a pretty damaging number on his entire life. So if she sincerely cared for, and wanted to protect him, maybe she should have either told him the truth from the get-go, or maybe just kept her distance?

Gregg: Was perhaps not saying it to Sawyer the sincerest way to communicate her feelings, or did she simply want to avoid the question? [Bubblehead logic] Um, obviously, SHE WANTED TO AVOID THE QUESTION, Gregg, 'cause if she was sincerely telling Sawyer that she loves him, then that disrupts the space-time continuum that is hurtling helter-skelter towards the inevitable Jate Is Fate conclusion! Geez, dude... [/BHL]

Brokenhearted Bubblehead #2:

I fell in love with the relationship of Jack and Kate. Their chemistry from the get go and the beauty it exudes whenever they are around around each other is/was breathtaking. So I started noticing all of these videos everyone makes on youtube and other websites - putting video clips of these two to music. I couldn't stop watching them. I've always had a passion for the graphic arts but until I saw Jack and Kate and until that relationship got me so involved that I started watching these videos... I didn't know I actually had a natural talent for this. I decided to make my own and I showed it to everyone at my work and to other people and they couldn't believe what I did on my first try...neither could I. I finally found my place in the world, I will be going to film school next year and I just wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for if even for a little while... showing me such a beautiful love that inspired me to do something "bigger" with my life.

I know this may sound silly but, everyone draws their inspiration from somewhere and I got mine from Jack and Kate - regardless if their future is together or not. And I just wanted to say thanks for that.

Gregg: There are going to be a lot of different types of people in your classes, and you'll be challenged along in ways you didn't even think of (much like our characters on the island). Maybe another relationship you can draw inspiration from is Desmond and Penny's, because Penny writes to Desmond, "all we really need to survive is one person who truly loves us." And sometimes when the road gets rough, we only have ourselves and our own self-confidence to get us through.

Now, maybe I'm wrong here, but reading between the lines, by suggesting inspiration from Des/Penny, it seems that Gregg is saying - "maybe you should focus on other Lost relationships, in the event that Jate ain't necessarily fate"? Say it ain't so!

Bitter Bubblehead #3:

Not exactly the cliffhanger I was expecting...loved Pickett though. This was really disappointing and frankly after two years, I expected better. Kate's character has been prostituted this season. Pity sex with Sawyer for ratings? Ewwww. The writers have beaten down the characters so much this season and seperated them for so long, that the fans feel beaten down as well and the ratings have dropped this season. It is obvious to me that the writers chose to punch the Jaters in the gut with this episode. I don't know how you can expect your fanbase to return months later after this episode. I don't know that I feel like taking it much longer...don't know that I'll still be "lost" in February. Guess I can just watch the good old days from Season One (and even most of Season Two) when the writing was better and the character development made sense.

Very disappointed, but only one of many...

Gregg: I'm sorry it didn't work for you. I'm going to have to disagree with you about Kate's character being prostituted this season. I don't think she has. I think her character's been pushed and forced to grow in certain ways. I disagree, so STFU and quit whining.

I certainly hear you when you say the characters have had a rough time, but the season isn't over. This was only the "mini-season" -- there are 16 more to go. Now certainly we could have dropped the ball completely and the rest could really suck, but I don't think so. Granted not all episodes are going to be great -- that just doesn't happen when you have 22 or more episodes to make. Every show has episodes that work and some that don't.

If it helps in any way, keep in mind that Damon and Carlton have the entire season arc planned out, and you've only seen the first quarter. I think we've got some great episodes coming up, and I hope you tune it. We're six episodes in, moron. Watch, wait and see before you implode, dude. Beaten down? Punch to the gut? Seriously? You are way too emotionally invested there...maybe you should go watch some Scrubs instead. Or take a nice walk and feed the ducks. I hear that's soothing.

Shit-heel Bubblehead #4

As a Jater I was immensely disappointed in the gratuitous sex between Sawyer and Kate in last nights episode. It wasn't romantic to me, no matter how much romantic music you guys tried to throw on top of it. And it saddens me, because I lost all joy and compassion and respect for the character of Kate last night. I think there will be immense backlash against the character of Kate. And that's a shame.
--- I fear TPTB will now try and push a romantic liason between Jack and Juliet down our throats. That's just what the Jaters need. Salt in our wounds.
-- You guys hurt my family. My Jater family. We have been immense supporters of this show and of this forum since the show began. We are on our 11th couch, and generally before we get to our 250 pages, we've had 85,000 views. People care immensely about Jack and Kate's romance. I wonder if Damon and Carlton do any more? And frankly, the creators and writers caused us Jaters a lot of pain and hurt and there are some of us who are disillusioned by these last few episodes.

Gah, there's enough entitlement in that post to choke a rutting polar bear. What a crazy bitch...accusing them of hurting her family?

Translates loosely into: *insert kicking of high-heels, pounding of fists on the floor, screeching and wailing temper tantrum here*


Did I miss anything?


Are you frakking serious?

"People care immensely about Jack and Kate's romance"? WHAT romance? Skate is the canon romantic pairing on Lost. It is photographs of Sawyer and Kate, together, that are being used in media outlets/publications everywhere, and images of them with the word "LOVE" superimposed over it used in ABC promos. Pay attention.

What a pathetic excuse of a temper tantrum. And this is from a grown-up? I'm pretty sure that Damon and Cuse would break ribs from laughing, if they ever actually read such drivel. I can't believe Gregg didn't laugh hard enough to break a frakking rib on the spot at that.

Gregg: I know it's been a while since you posted this before I've sauntered around to answer it, but are you feeling any better about things now? Do you still feel like you're done here?

I hope not because I know there are some great episodes heading your way. Now I know people disagree with me as far as the quality of the episodes go sometimes and think of me as the biggest rah-rah cheerleader on the sidelines, but I really do think there are some great episodes coming up. "Not In Portland" is really solid, and "Flashes Before Your Eyes" is going to get a BIG reaction. (Trust me on that one -- big, as in shocking.)

Now I know not everyone will be happy. Sometimes even we aren't happy with certain episodes. That's just the way things turn out when you're trying to do 22 episodes -- some work and some don't. And that's okay. I still think Damon and Carlton have the best intentions for the characters and haven't lost sight of who they are. Yes, I think they are definitely pushing them into places where they are uncomfortable (the characters, not CC or DL), but that's what writers are supposed to do with their characters. I know you may not like the direction they're going, but DL and CC aren't doing it willy-nilly. There is a plan. And as the episodes play out, I think it'll start to make more sense and play better. Remember, you've only seen a quarter of the episodes. That means the biggest chunk is about to start. So I hope you keep watching. You may not like everything, but overall I think you'll be happier than you are now. Then again, I could be wrong. Completely wrong and out of my mind.

Now that's what I call classy. Is it me, or is Gregg basically saying: Well you may not like the direction some of the show from now on, but there's a reason for it, and it's not gratuitous. So deal. But please keep watching because we need butts on seats. Even Jaters.

Doctor of Jateology Bubblehead #5:

As a PhD student in English with eight years experience in analyzing literature, I just have to say that Jack and Kate make the most sense as a couple. Hmm . . . maybe a new dissertation topic?

*Gregg Nations bangs his head on his keyboard at the batshit insanity that IS the Jater camp, then composes himself and replies*:

Gregg: If you think Jack and Kate make more sense as a couple, how many people do you think make sensible choices? Maybe a more interesting dissertation topic would be how people don't make the "sensible" choice?

And from whose perspective does it make more sense? Jack's? Kate's? Jack seems to have this character issue about fixing things, so does Kate need fixing? How will she feel about that? And Kate doesn't seem to be able to settle down. How will Jack feel about that? Let me just throw in for the argument that Sawyer seems to accept people for whom they are and not who he wants them to be. But I could be wrong about all this...

Whoa, dude...I think your PhD just got majorly pwned. All Hail Earth Logic! Lift it up, brotha Nation!

ETA: For someone with a PhD in English Lit, you don't seem that up on the Joseph Campbell theories on the archetypal journey of a hero. Do ya.

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