Saturday, May 24, 2008

The History of Skate versus Jate

Here's a wonderful factual pictorial history with comparisons and contrasts of the romance between our favorite lovebirds Kate and Sawyer versus the questionably loving couple Kate and Jack...I guess Jate had to try. Posted by susan14509 at the Fishelage:

"I was thinking about all the Jate from SNBH. From the time we found out Sawyer wasn’t getting off the island and Jack and Kate did, I thought they’d get together. I don't like it, but it always made sense to me, for them to bond over their common experiences, and if Sawyer is presumed dead, Kate has no reason to not move on. But I never expected it to be all rushed into one episode, and without a sex scene, without any post-coital cuddling, without a morning wake up kiss scene, and a proposal without any “I love you” declarations. If I was a Jater I would be really disappointed. If, as TPTB say, the term 'flash' becomes irrelevant, then we can hope they won't be going back and showing any of that in FBs either.

So I decided to compare some of the romantic/kissing scenes between Skate and Jate. The Jate's not so bad in context because it's clear who TPTB are trying to show as the OTP.

Sawyer and Kate got the first kiss on the show, day 9 on the island. Confidence Man aired 11/10/04. Three and a half years later, that kiss is still being talked about in the media. And according to TV Guide, the next one might make this one 'pale in comparison'.

Kate kissed Jack on day 49 in What Kate did a year later on 11/30/05. I am sure it must have been mentioned…somewhere…at least once… by someone other than the Jaters. The Kiss and Run….

The week before that fateful kiss that Kate later apologized for, on 11/23/05 in Collision, day 48, she had kissed Sawyer on the forehead as she was softly whispering to him, willing him to hear her and take the antibiotic to get well.

Then came season three, and on 10/11/06 in The Glass Ballerina, day 69, Sawyer surprised Kate by swooping in and planting a re-hydrating passionate kiss on her. And even at a time like that, surprised, and with all the Others watching, Kate couldn't keep her tongue to herself.

Two episodes later in I Do, on 11/8/06, day 72-73, Kate was determined to free Sawyer before Pickett killed him, and an argument ensued leading to Sawyer revealing to Kate that there are two islands.

That argument could be compared to the Jate pre-kiss from the year before, with different reactions and certainly different results.

The results of the Skate argument…

And we were happily surprised by the post-coital scene and Sawyer’s grand declaration of “I love you, too” in response to Kate’s silent confirmation that she does love him.

So we can compare that to Jack and Kate’s post-coital scene…

But Jack and Kate did get a happy reunion on day 80 in The Man From Tallahassee on 3/21/07….

Oh…well… that probably wasn’t so happy after all. But their second one was…

Ah, well, third time’s a charm on day 82 in Left Behind on 4/4/07….

Three strikes and they’re out.

This is what a happy reunion looks like on 4/11/07 in One of Us on day 83…

On 4/18/07 in Catch 22, day 84, Kate went to Sawyer’s tent for some late night loving. Disregarding whatever reason initially led her there, the fact is, Sawyer is the one she went to.

In The Brig on 5/2/07, Day 89, Sawyer is asleep, assumingly post-coital, and Kate’s 'old habits' are kicking in, and she gets up to leave.

But Kate is over her old habits two years in the future, and she doesn’t leave Jacksus after sex, uh, jex….

So maybe she does still have a few 'old habits' to get over.

And in The Economist on 2/14/08, day 92, Sawyer proposed to Kate. Not exactly the conventional way, but he was sincere, and it was about them.

Compared to the sincerity of the Jate proposal which was all about validating Jack's insecurity over being a good daddy.

Here we have Sawyer telling Kate she can stay with him and he’ll keep her safe. They kiss and fall to the bed. It sure was implied that they would be making love after that, but we know that it didn’t lead to sex. On day 93 in Eggtown, 2/21/08...

In the Jate scene, Kate told Jack she was glad he was there and they kissed and he carried her down the hall. For all we know, that didn’t lead to jex either.

If the bubbles can ignore things that are shown on screen, we can ignore things that aren’t. If we didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.

And the next day, there was the sweet wake-up scene…

And the Jate morning wake up scene… Oh yeah, there was no Jate wake up scene, it was just Jack, only Jack…

Where was Kate… already in the shower. Washing off the jooties? Or thinking of Sawyer?

And then Jack had to come in and ruin her Sawyer shower fantasy thoughts. Put on your Monica face, Kate.

And the “I’m lying to you but I can fool you with a kiss” (or a sat phone hug)…

Compared to a two second look that Sawyer sees right through…

Sawyer and Kate just ‘get’ each other.

And even without seeing the actual kiss, it's easy to see how much they are connected. The chemistry radiates from them.

The kiss itself will be spectacular!


Disclaimer: Not all gifs were made by me. I made most of them, but some I found and I don’t know where or who made them to credit. If they belong to you, and you don’t want me to use them, let me know and I’ll delete and make my own from the necessary scenes."

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To hype or not to hype?

That is the question on many people's minds at the moment, and it would appear that one couple in particular is getting major hype coming up to the two hour finale of this season of Lost.

And no, I am not talking about Jack and Kate. Whose disastrous romantic foray was encapsulated within one episode recently. That came and went without any hype whatsoever. No fanfare. No heralding of any kind. Even stranger was the lack of comment afterwards. No podcast commentary.


Hmmm, But surely the advent of Jate would have warranted some kind of signalling from on high? It's the OTP right?

Well, if you listen to the Bubbleheads and ignore basic story structure and dramatic conventions. And honestly dig that dom/sub dynamic they've got going there.

Where the woman gets treated like dogshit and keeps coming back for more.

For those of us currently not watching the Batshit Channel, though, Sawyer and Kate have basically hit all the traditional landmarks in TV romances. And are now about to get another kiss which will be, according to the showrunners of Lost, a SPECTACULAR one.

Whether or not the kiss turns out to be as spectacular as everyone anticipates is beside the point. The Island Gods have made a big fuss over this kiss.

Let's revisit:

Damon Lindelof from March issue of Lost Magazine:

“Romance is always blooming on and off the island. And just for you, I hereby promise you one of the most spectacular kisses you’ve ever seen on the show in this year’s finale.”

04/02 Carlton from Ausiello:

In the new issue of Lost magazine, DL teased, "Romance is always blooming on and off the island. And I hereby promise you one of the most spectacular kisses you've ever seen on the show in this year's finale." Naturally, I pressed DL's partner in crime, Carlton Cuse, for further details on the earth-shattering smooch, to which he replied, "I can disclose no more details other than to say it's one of my favorite moments of the whole series so far. And contrary to some speculation, it is a male/female kiss."

04/08 Damon Lindelof via Kristin:

It's still in the plan.
It's still spectacular.
It will happen between a boy and a girl.
But it doesn't happen on the island.
Your fan,

04/28 Popular Mechanics (Updated thanks to Lyly!):

PM: Obviously this piece is about the science behind Lost, but I wouldn't be a good fan if I didn't ask you to give me some scoop on what's going to the rest of the season.

CC: It just seems really appropriate that we tell Popular Mechanics that there's going to be a really juicy kiss coming up in the finale and that there's going to be a lot more on the Sawyer-Kate-Jack romantic triangle. I mean, that's the scoop that should really be in Popular Mechanics.

05/03 Darlton on Jimmy Kimmel:

JK: So if you're not going to tell us anything about Lost, can you tell us about the Grey's Anatomy finale?
CC: We have a better kiss in our finale than Grey’s Anatomy.
DL: There are several kisses.

05/15: What sounds like Damon from Ausiello:

Not only is the kiss spectacular, but according to a very solid source, it's the kind of liplock that "stops f---ing time" and "makes the entire world vanish in the moment."

And TV Guide jumping on the hype-mobile:

"Finale scoop: "Kate's on the outs with Sawyer in a major way", Lindelof says about the on-again, off-again couple, who argued earlier in the season after Kate thought she was pregnant. Even so, don't expect that to keep the pair from sharing a spectacular goodbye kiss that just might make their first one pale in comparison."

So tell me again which couple is getting this much anticipated kiss, and supposed to be seen as the big romance on the show?

Is it the couple whose mercifully brief engagement was "doomed" (according to the TV Guide)?


It's the couple that the showrunners trusted would be spectacular even before the finale was finalised and even fracking filmed.

Credit to Sawyer840

The couple that could be trusted to knock it out of the park as always.

Credit to Spunky

Sawyer and Kate. Who else?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm holding off on recapping this finale until we've seen it in all its glory, but this wonderful review by Caprica Six is going to be hard to top! This is a brilliant recap! Enjoy!

Are we there yet?

And that’s when he took out a pocket mirror and gazed at it for 5 minutes and checked his hair out and stuff.

Where did he get the mirror from Jack?

He had it...he just had it with him, OK? Anyway, I’m telling the story so shut up and be amazed

We reached LaPedus, he was cuffed to the chopper. Keamy’s a kinky bastard. I ripped those handcuffs right out and set him free

Where was Keamy?

On the way to the Orchid. No, scratch that, he was there and I beat him to a pulp with one eye tied behind my back and a removed appendix

Kill me

So I said “what about Hurley?”

And Sawyer was like “Hurley who?”

I left for the Orchid, but Sawyer chose to stay behind. You hear that Kate? He. chose. to. stay. behind.

I have the feeling I’ll be hearing that a lot.
Aaron : I liked the blond guy much better!

So I reached the Orchid, took out Keamy’s men, found Hurley, he was unconscious and carried him out of there on my shoulder back to the beach

And your stitches didn’t rip?

Someone shut this guy up, I can’t take it anymore. Is this how 815 crashed?

Word, he’s making me want to jump off the plane

I’ll handle this

Hey medboy. Shut the frak up, or I’ll airlock your ass.

Hey, aren’t you that chick from...


By the way, are those “Hero” leaflets I ordered in? I wanna sign autographs. Forget it, we’re here.

Moooom, I told you – not in public!

I’m sorry, but I thought that now with your dad out of the picture....

Where’s the boarding for the next plane to the island?