Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm holding off on recapping this finale until we've seen it in all its glory, but this wonderful review by Caprica Six is going to be hard to top! This is a brilliant recap! Enjoy!

Are we there yet?

And that’s when he took out a pocket mirror and gazed at it for 5 minutes and checked his hair out and stuff.

Where did he get the mirror from Jack?

He had it...he just had it with him, OK? Anyway, I’m telling the story so shut up and be amazed

We reached LaPedus, he was cuffed to the chopper. Keamy’s a kinky bastard. I ripped those handcuffs right out and set him free

Where was Keamy?

On the way to the Orchid. No, scratch that, he was there and I beat him to a pulp with one eye tied behind my back and a removed appendix

Kill me

So I said “what about Hurley?”

And Sawyer was like “Hurley who?”

I left for the Orchid, but Sawyer chose to stay behind. You hear that Kate? He. chose. to. stay. behind.

I have the feeling I’ll be hearing that a lot.
Aaron : I liked the blond guy much better!

So I reached the Orchid, took out Keamy’s men, found Hurley, he was unconscious and carried him out of there on my shoulder back to the beach

And your stitches didn’t rip?

Someone shut this guy up, I can’t take it anymore. Is this how 815 crashed?

Word, he’s making me want to jump off the plane

I’ll handle this

Hey medboy. Shut the frak up, or I’ll airlock your ass.

Hey, aren’t you that chick from...


By the way, are those “Hero” leaflets I ordered in? I wanna sign autographs. Forget it, we’re here.

Moooom, I told you – not in public!

I’m sorry, but I thought that now with your dad out of the picture....

Where’s the boarding for the next plane to the island?


Anonymous said...

Ok, so it took me about 10 minutes to calm down from all the squeeing over getting fishbiscuited and pulling myself together to write this :D. Thank you Fish, this made my day!

- Caprica

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious! I loved it! You should do more recaps, Caprica!

Anonymous said...

yes, more recaps, full ones. Then you could change your name to reCaprica Six.

Simply Kimberly said...

I left for the Orchid, but Sawyer chose to stay behind. You hear that Kate? He. chose. to. stay. behind.

LOL, poor Jack got out heroed by Sawyer. It must suck to be him.

JackSaw said...

Thanks for the effort, however I didn't get it...& I even feel like I have a good sarcastic sense of humor.....I guess it boils down to: inspite of how Wacky Jacky can be and God knows he's one screwed up "Hero" I still love him obsessive, compulsive, egomaniac that he is..... and Mathew Fox is a kick ass actor....."Jack" is one of a kind and I love the way Fox plays him warts & all
And how terrific was it when he & Sawyer joined forces....THAT...made my season I love the two of them together
Honestly I love all the characters & actors screwed up or not (& most are. It is (they are) the most uniquely entertaining
storytelling(ers) on TV ever.
I can't get enough of it...can you?
Thanks again for the post!

SockeRock said...

When Jack was talking about he and the mirror, I thought he was talking about Ben. It took me a bit to figure out he was trying to say that while he was doing all the brave things, Sawyer was admiring himself in the mirror.

It was very clever and funny and the pictures used were perfect. Loved the Sayid one with "Kill me."

Anonymous said...

LMAO I love when Jin and Sayid share a look "kill me"

HAHAHA He's so pretentious in that epi - you did great caprica

Anonymous said...


You did great Caprica!

ellie said...

this is such a fun recap. i swear..when it came on that Clare's mom told Jack who she..the tv screen went black. did this happen to anyone else? It came back just see a stunned Jack.

Cuthbert said...

I like your post, very well done!

Nat said...

I flipped when I saw Admiral Cain haha. Great job.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this. :D

So damn funny & true at the same time.

It's hilarious how delusional the Bubbles can be... lol

:) Keep on the excellent posting.