Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tales from the Fishelage: SNBH vid by Shirley Parker

My fishbitches are a talented bunch. This music video that helps put Something Nice Back Home in perspective was too good not to feature.

Kate is living a lie, a frakked up fantasy with forced smiles and grateful tears, but beneath the Imsohappywithmylife veneer is a deep sadness and regret. She's trying her darnedest to move on and pretend to be deliriously happy with her new Stepford existence as Jack's perfect living doll.

But the reality is that she left her heart and soul behind on that craphole of an island. And even Jack knows it.


Credit to Shirley Parker.


Simply Kimberly said...

Beautiful video. Stunning!

Yeah, Jack knows now where her heart truly lies, that is why it took so little for him to meltdown. I am convinced more than ever after SNBH that Sawyer and Kate will wind up together at the end.

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful and moving!
Shirley, you're brilliant! Thanks for bringing in out, Fishie!
Kate Bush... *swoons*
(and I'm oh so flattered about being f-b-ed)


Anonymous said...


It's beautiful and it reflects Kate's feelings perfectly.

Anonymous said...

That song always gives me chills, sad scene from She's Having A Baby.
Well done.

Anonymous said...

Beatiful. And I agree with Kimberly: After SNBH I've fallen in love with Skate all over again. They'll be the end game.

talliann said...

Awesome video and so true comments.

Bravo Rafaela and Fish!

Kate said...

So...I admit it. I'm lazy. Too lazy to scroll through this very image heavy blog to see if you've already discussed this. So I'm just going to assume you haven't. So. Right.

What opinion do you guys have on this so-called spectacular kiss we're supposed to be getting in the finale? After last Thursday's preview, it looks like a Skate kiss. Now, I'm a Jater, and while I know Sawyer has feelings for Kate and she has feelings for him, I know she has feelings for Jack too. I'm not the kind of Jater who totally discounts that. It's painfully obvious (maybe not painfully. I just like that phrase)

BUT. I do not want to see a Skate kiss in the finale. I know this sounds soooo cliché, the Jater crying over the big, bad scary Skate kiss. But that's not it. If it was a spectacular kiss between Jack and Kate, I'd be pretty upset too. Let me explain myself.

A few weeks ago, someone (Ausiello? Kristen? No clue who...) revealed a spectacular kiss in the finale. Speculations flew about who it would be. Then we found out it would be off-island. That narrowed it down some. Michael and Sun! Jack and Kate! Sayid and Nadia! Hurley and...the CD store girl! Then we got the finale preview on Thursday and we get this brief scene of Sawyer and Kate in what looks like a pre- or post-kiss. Suddenly, everyone's either like "OMG KATE N SAWYER HOT HOT HOT" or "EW WHY KATE AND SAWYER SOB SOB SOB"

THEN we hear about the kiss being one that that "stops f---ing time" and "makes the entire world vanish in the moment."

So this is where I arrive at my reasoning. I want to see a spectacular, time-stopping, earth-shaking (according to abc or something) kiss between an actual couple, not between Kate and one of two men with whom she cannot make up her mind between. It's not going to be heartbreaking or spectacular for me if that's the case. I'm going to feel cheated. We've seen enough of Kate kissing other men, and it's starting to lose it's impact. This finale kiss has to be SPECTACULAR, not something we've seen before. I want something that's going to make me cry. I realized that off-island doesn't mean back in the real world. So I want a kiss between Sun and Jin. A beautiful, tear-inducting farewell kiss between them. I don't want to see Sawyer give Kate a farewell kiss and then sacrifice himself by leaping out of the chopper. Yawn. How cliché. I don't want to see Jack's appendix rupture and watch him and Juliet kiss as he is sent on the last boat to the freighter. Boooooooring. Let's all fawn over their non-existent relationship. Give me something that will floor the living daylights out of me. Too much attention has been paid to Kate's love-life. What's up with Rose and Bernard?

Anyway, gosh, sorry for rambling. I'm just so heated about this stupid finale kiss. I want it to be surprising and emotional and full of heartbreak and seeing Kate kiss Sawyer or Jack just will not do that for me.

Give me Sun and Jin. Give me Rose and Bernard. Give me Locke and Benry. ANYTHING but Cliché Skate or Jate PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

I think the circumstanses around the kiss is what's spectacular. If it's because Sawyer will leave Kate and stay behind or if it's cause it'll be Skate in a FF I don't know, but it'll still be amazing. Josh and Evie = Magic. Nuff said. :)

jessica said...

that's it we lost EL confirms tat Kate choose JAck and the promise is not romantic why nobody is talking about it???