Sunday, February 18, 2007

Preview of Kristin's Vine Special

Apparently Kristin's Vine special has a little preview up, with this exchange from Demon & Curse:

Damon: You know, Jack has actually stayed behind, you know, Kate and Sawyer have now left him behind. She feels incredibly guilty having been sprung, so sort of any romantic advancement between her and Sawyer is gonna be sort of mitigated by the fact that the only reason they're alive is because of this act of heroism that Jack did, so, you know, that complicates things.

Carlton: That complicates things, but it would be wrong to say that Kate and Sawyer are over, too.

Damon: Oh, no.

Carlton: They're not over.

Damon: They're not over by a long shot.

Carlton: There's more to come for them.

Well, well well...Damon and Carlton being evasive? Who'da thunk it? Not over by a long shot? Actually, for these guys that's pretty close to a declarative sentence. At least this time we're on the right side of the innuendo. I guess we were due.

Still, those boys just love to play us rabid shippers like a finely tuned fiddle.

"Not over by a long shot" vs. their bond is "kind of the ultimate relationship"...Any hopes of an immediate end to Skate were just "kinda" "shot" down, I would say.

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