Monday, February 26, 2007

Sneak Peek Fun...

Vid thanks to Spunky.

The latest sneak peek for Tricia Tanaka is Dead looks interesting. Guess Sawyer and Kate are SOOOOO over. Kate looks like she's wanting to barf having to touch that scumbag's boot. She's pulling icky faces, feels guilty about sleeping with him, is disgusted and doesn't want anything more to do with him. Riiiight.

I can see the Bubblehead jose-spin now: Kate just wants them to forget the icky skex altogehter and return to being just friends. She wants it to go back to how it was before the captivity, because she regrets it, loves Jack and wants to forget she rutted in a cage with Sawyer.

No. Just no. What's pretty frakking clear is Kate's the one doing the reaching out, making the first move to try and repair their relationship after their moronic argument earlier. She wants them to get over the fight and move forward, not backwards. Look at her expression. Why bother trying to get him to say sorry if she wants things to return to the way they were? This gal still digs her man, but needs him to get off his high horse. It's about the most direct and clear we've seen Kate about what she wants from him. And of course, knowing TPTB, Sawyer's not going to give it to her. He's going to be a stupid frakking idiot and refuse to apologize. Which would explain why she goes off on her own to get Jack without telling him. It also puts the scene with Jin and the three things women want to hear in perspective too.

This is obviously all setting up mucho separation angst and more tension between the emotionally stunted lovebirds Sawyer and Kate. I say bring it on. Some hot reunion make-up sex by May Sweeps, here we come!!!

Some caps, courtesy of Lyly Ford from Lost-Forum:

Yep. The above are the faces of a woman who is feeling deeply guilty about betraying her love Jack, wants to forget that skex ever happened and has no romantic intentions whatsoever towards Sawyer. *rolls eyes*

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