Sunday, February 18, 2007

The mighty (and constant!) Jater influx

Since the kicky one brought up our ridiculous notion of their inflated membership rolls, I thought we might point a few things out to her with regard to their list ...

As of Feb 17th, their list was a whopping 357 members strong!

Of course, they skip from #46 to #50. Did 47 - 49 slip through a crack? Were they thrown overboard? Jump ship, maybe?

And there are two "members" (who are known to be alternate identities of a VERY well known Couch Denizen) still remaining from the infamous British Invasion. You remember ... that bit of nastiness from season 1 when a few Jaters had to cheat in order to win in the game threads. Those names are, #62- penny4yourthoughts and #70- lilyankeecat14. This particular jinx Jater has at least 19 additional "selves", but since they are not listed as official Jaters, and 2 of them have actually been banned, I won't list them here. But I will say that 5 of them, including the 2 banned ones, are still listed as members of the Fox Den. Heh.

One member has been assigned 2 numbers. "myothercarisflight815" is both #246 and #315. I could have written this one off as an innocent mistake ...

If not for the other name which appears twice in the Jater membership list despite not being listed as a member of The Fuselage, AT ALL. The mystery member, "The Other Chick" is both Jater #226 and #284. And I might even be prevailed upon to overlook this seemingly impossible accomplishment of gaining membership to the Couch without benefit of Fuselage membership ...

Were there not 10, count 'em, 10, other officially numbered Fuselage Jaters who attained their placements without even being Fuselage members! These excessively agile Jaters are ...

# 80 -Empty_handcuffs
#323-Los Jater

Now, of course it is possible that these are simply the original names for people who have changed their usernames. If this is the case, I wonder if their new name got a new Jater number? That's certainly one way to keep your numbers up. *rolls eyes*

The Queen Bubble-bee also has a curious habit of assigning an official Jater number to anyone who posts anything at all in the thread. Whether they request membership or not. Who knows how many "Jaters" there are who are not Jaters at all, but merely dropped by the thread to offer their congrats for an award nomination or some other message, with no intention of either joining or ever coming back? There's really no way to tell without spending untold hours of research. Kinda not worth it.

And last, but certainly not least, I would be remiss in addressing this issue without mentioning everyones favorite Jater of all, and frequent visitor here, our own darling Cactus Jack. Despite having been banned from the Fuse, he remains on the Jater list at #257. Doubtless he also has other incarnations which have managed to get numbers and retain their standing.

So ... we can establish with only a cursory reading of the list that it's numbers are inflated by at least 5 1/2% of it's claimed membership. It makes one wonder how well it would hold up under any real scrutiny.

I'm guessing ... not very well at all.

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