Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More Maevie Craziness

I've been neglecting the Mavies who make the craziest of Jate Bubbleheads look like reasonable, sane people with realistic expectations. The following was pulled from a Mavie thread:

Mavie #1: OK, so I kinda get what you mean and I really love you for saying those things. I'm just trying to think about it from my pov. As terrible as I'll sound - if I was in Evie's situation, I'd do anything to break Matt and his wife apart. Not because they shouldn't be together, but because I'd feel he's the right person for me. I don't know what Evie feels about him now, but at the beginning it obviously showed she had some special feelings for him. So instead of trying to do something, especially when your job is to kiss this man, you settle for a horrible alternative?!

For the record: 'horrible alternative' = Dominic Monaghan. They've gotten the word that Dom & Evie announced a wedding date (no idea if that's confirmed), and now they're all flapping in a panic.

And Mavie #2 has it all figured out...Foxeeee bailed on the GGs because...

Mavie #2: i think there has to be suspicions around why matt and evie do/dont attend certain things. i think they as people have to think very carefully about the way they act in public and the things that they attend. it takes talent just to be mavie. sometimes i kinda think that there is a theory behind them acting mavie,. just like jate, because like jate, they have to hide what they really feel!

Poetry. Sheer poetry. "it takes talent just to be mavie". *tears up*

Mavie #3: I was just thinking. If Charlie is gonna die then Dom shouldn't be on set as often whereas Evie will. I wonder if that would put a dent in the relationship.

Yes, it will. Because Evie NEVER, EVER leaves the set, and if Dom isn't on set...then when, oh when shall he EVER see Evie again?

Mavie #4:And what about Charlie dying? Is it true? Imagine if this happened, We could have more Mavieness.

Mavie #5: I'm not sure about Charlie dying... Desmond talked about it last night in the epi but maybe it's not gonna happen... I don't want Charlie to die. BUT, as a big Mavie fan, I would appreciate the absence of Dom near Evie....!! She's gonna need someone ... her Matt!!

Or "Marguerita's Matt", as it were... *rolling eyes*

Mavie #1: Well, I believe that if Charlie will die, Dominic will probably stick around until he gets a new role, but I definitely see this effecting their relationship. I mean, how could it not? But I doubt he will die anytime soon, for some reason the writers actually think of his character as useful IMO he should've died the first time at the first season.

Erm...he DID "died the first time at the first season", you dumbass. How fitting that it was Foxeeee's Jack, Jack, JACK!!! that brought him back to life? *snerk*

Oh, hell...wait a minute. Since the show and real life are all intermingled to these twits...and Jack saved Charlie, who is actually Kate's RL boyfriend...


Oh, the humanity! Goodbye, cruel world!


And finally here's some uplifting Mavie Fan-fiction to keep us all warm and cozy at night, fantasizing about two real life actors cheating on their spouses/significant others:

"After the sex, they lay limply in each other’s arms, silence filling all the gaps around them as they endured the pain that once again resumed. Evie’s mouth was embedded in Matt’s shoulder as he lay heavily over her, his head crushed against her chest, his eyes peering into the woven carpet over her shoulder.

"She held the hope within her mind, for as long as his pause let her. She felt the warmth suddenly oozing from his eyes as he fixated on her."

"“Sexually?” she stated in front of Matt. “You mean thinking about me, about each other,” she says twisting her fingers into his head,"

"“Then why?” he gasps, holding her tighter now, gripping her with fists full of questions, pulling her up in his arms, so she is closer."

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