Monday, June 11, 2007

Kristin Update - Suck on that!

Zoriah: Ooh! Gossip! Does Ausiello's blind item about a white female prima donna have anything to do with your piece on Lost's bad castmate?

Nope. And I just hope it's not me!

Finally it can be laid to rest that Ausiello's Blind Item had nothing to do with Kristin's scandal. Not. The. Same. Thing. People.

Romain in Belfort, France: Is the alienated castmember of Lost, like, blonde and Australian?

Frak no. The Australian blonde is as sweet and fuzzy and adored as the baby duckling she resembles.

The ass-hat is NOT Emilie de Ravin. Duh. Got that? I still can't believe that people thought she was a better candidate for pissing off the entire cast and crew than Matthew Fox.

Lisibeth in France: An actor on Lost, a big falling-out with the rest of the cast and it has already had an impact of the storyline... Well, all my money would be on a [totally accurate description which can't be printed] being the culprit. Do you predict bankruptcy or fortune for me soon?

I predict: Cha-ching! And because I want my own paychecks to keep coming, I blanked out your guess. Now, how are you with lottery numbers?

Who is this mysterious Lisibeth, and can she elaborate on her description which was so dead center that it had to be snipped? Please come forward and enlighten us, oh accurate one.

With Kristin's in-context joke about lottery numbers in the last answer you can guess that certain people are going to accuse Jorge Garcia next, instead of the main contender. Which again is just plain stoopid knowing what we know of Jorge behind the scenes, his complete lack of arrogance and ego in interviews, and Kristin's own confirmation about there being changes to the story because if it.

Let those who want to point finger at Jorge now remember that Kristin had a clue as to the culprit in her vine show for those who continued to watch closely (the later news item about MF filming on Grey's Anatomy set, anyone?) and the hint about a pivotal line (giving us an indication of the behind the scenes drama) being in a closing scene on the beach in the last few episodes.

Come on, guys, it's not frakking rocket science.

(Thanks Lela)

Who did Dom spend time with again after his scenes wrapped? Let me refresh your memory:

How was your send-off behind the scenes? Was it hard saying goodbye to everyone?

"We had a couple of nights. I went to dinner with Terry O'Quinn and his wife. I went to dinner with Daniel Dae Kim and his wife. I went out partying with Daniel, Josh, Marsha, Emilie, Evangeline, Terry, Jorge and Yunjin."

Put the evidence together, 'mkay? Don't just make blind, wild stabs in the dark because you can't face it possibly being a lead actor on the show *shock* *gasp*.

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