Monday, June 4, 2007

Secrets and revelations... ?

Kristin's got a secret! Apparently someone in that big happy Lost ensemble isn't on speaking terms, anyone! On the Vine Show she says that someone is no longer part of the island posse. Could this be the cast member who Dominic Monaghan distinctly left out of his list of comrades-in-partying during his last week on Lost? The one who plays the character "more hated than Charlie?" The one who described in such proud detail in Men's Health how he's a liar and manipulator, enjoys coming to work hungover and barfing on crew, and likes to "instigate" his co-workers into doing things that make them uncomfortable? The one who arrived alone at the ABC Upfronts last month, was seen interacting with no one, and stood awkwardly off to the side in the happy family portrait?

So who do you think it could possibly be? Which cast member is the skunk that no one wants to party with anymore? Kristin seems to be hinting that the clues are hiding in plain sight. Guesses, anyone?

ETA: More snippets coming in to add fuel to the fire. How did we miss this blind item from Ausiello dated from March 15th? And yes, Bubbleheads, the person in question seems to be a HE

Blind Item: Leading Man's Good-guy Image All an Act

You know what's even worse than a really good person getting a bad rep? A really bad person getting a good one, which is exactly what this week's blind-item entry is about. A certain prime-time heartthrob is perceived by the public and the press as being one of the nicest guys in the biz. But behind the scenes, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, his costars on a certain top-10 hit despise him with every fiber of their beings. Why? For starters, he feels as if his job is beneath him (yeah, like his outside credits are any great shakes), and that's nowhere more apparent than at the show's weekly table readings. According to one spy, "He comes in, picks up the script, flips through it, grunts a few times and tosses it aside." Even worse, Eddie Egomaniac thinks call times are for little people (i.e., other people). So he doesn't show up two or three minutes late for a scene, he shows up two or three hours late. Says my mole, "The show loses a ton of money waiting around for him to come to work." And when he does show up, he "doesn't say the lines as written." So who's this Satan in sheep's clothing? Guess away!
Many thanks to the Fishbitches who dug out these little nuggets of gold!

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