Thursday, March 1, 2007

Kristin's Latest with Darlton

Ben didn't do anything to Kate during TOTC. Her wrists were bloody because she tried to get out of the handcuffs in the lockerroom and Tom found her crying when she failed. The scene was cut but may appear on the DVD

Guess what...the breakfast con never happened. No kidding. Kate didn't have con sex, blackmail sex, or save Jack sex. Wow, no, really? You mean she actually made love to Sawyer outta her own free will? *gasp* The bubbleheads didn't take Michael Emerson's word for it. Now, maybe they'll get a clue.

Hope for Skaters: It's not all sunshine and kittens with Sawyer and Kate right now, but hang in there for more between the con man and the fugitive. I asked the big bosses whether we would ever get something more like that hot sex scene in the Zoo of Death, and Carlton Cuse promised, "You’ll get either more cages or more sex in an upcoming episode…Just for you." Even better, he added, "Kate and Sawyer are not over. Not by a long shot."

More skate sex is coming? But I thought she just wanted to be friends. That Sawyer disgusts her, and she really really regrets the sex in the cage. Say it ain't so. *snicker* I can guess the spin already, they weren't talking about Skate, it's another couple or sex in general. Bzzzt. Wrong. The context was specifically Sawyer/Kate. So deal, mmmkay?

ETA: Email from Izzy at Lost Spoilerfix (reliable spoiler source) to Lyly Ford of LF:

The love triangle going square will surely be Sawyer/Kate/Jack/Juliet.
There is no hope for Jack/Kate in the near future.

Some of us have known that for some time but it's always nice to hear it re-confirmed by those in the know.

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