Thursday, March 29, 2007

More Whacked Out Promos...

Dudes, those ABC promo guys are seriously on crack these days, or they need to get laid worse than the Bubbleheads. Now I am not averse to seeing some hot chicks cat-fighting over a guy while in wet tee's and maybe with some strawberry jello, I mean it's fun entertainment right? But on Lost? Isn't this meant to be an intelligent, mystery drama? Whose sticky wet dream was this on the writing staff to have two of the strongest women in the show turn into shrieking banshees and come blows in the pouring rain over JudasJack (tm CJ)?

There's more going on here than we think judging by the editing, but still, give me a frakking break, it makes Juliet and Kate look like Alexis and Krystal from Dynasty. It's downright embarrassing for the characters and the actresses forced to perform those scenes. I thought Gregg was reassuring us that the show wasn't going to descend into the depths of daytime soap hell (which it would if it ever followed the Jater bible). I guess we got punk'd. Maybe Lost HAS sunk to hack soap opera levels. Mind you, the Jate promo recently was pretty laughable too, especially after having watched the actual episode and seen how degraded and humiliated Kate was by Jack. Nothing in the world would keep them apart? Except Jack's frakking betrayal, the submarine deal he made to leave her behind in cuffs and with her life hanging in the balance. *chortle* Yeah, that's true abiding love, that is.

So...I still have hope that Kate's actually kicking ass for a whole bunch of reasons, not the least of which is she's rutting tired of being given a guilt trip by an Other who's playing mind games with her...again. If I were her I'd be wanting to punch a few faces in too. Of course JudasJack would be top of the list, followed by Benjy the red eyed little weasel, maybe Crazed!Locke too for good measure. Oh, and Tom for that really bad girly pass in Par Avion.

I'm gonna hold judgement till the episode airs. Maybe it's not gonna be as godawful cheesy and Jacksus focused as the promo would have us believe.

Anyways, I presume y'all wanna talk, gloat, rant, speculate about this latest pretty darn hilarious promo, and maybe even about Expose. Which was an okay filler episode (Ding Dong Pikki is dead!) but a let down from all the hype. Iconic? Game-changing? Gah! When will we learn not to trust the hype?

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