Thursday, March 15, 2007

What would a Jate scene sound like?

Call me crazy, but I wonder about these things.

So I went in search of descriptives and within minutes (because they're really not that hard to find) I found my muse. Six different, yet alarmingly similar Jater posts.

#1- I just watched the CTV promo and caught myself smiling at Jack's indifference toward Kate, especially when they've got her pinned to the floor with guns at her head and he tells her, "Just answer the question". Has he finally gotten over his inability to resist her? One can hope. Flit on back to the Hillbilly babe, the doctor isn't taking any new patients.

Yeah, I know, the Jack bashers will go crazy and be convinced he's switched sides, but that's just because they'll grasp onto anything to tear him down.
Yes, yes, I know, but I assure you, they are all Jater posts.

#2- I'm looking forward to the "Just answer the question" scene and I'm not sure why. My sadistic tendencies are screaming at me to see Kate's reaction to him wanting to not be rescued...if that is indeed what happens.
So Jate is an S&M couple? Who knew?

#3- Jack isn't being very friendly to her. But I think it's pretty obvious that Jack is just playing the Others. It has to kill him to treat Kate like that. But in the march trailer, we see him squeeze her hand (something the others wouldn't have seen) when she's holding his.He can't just shut his feelings off from her. I also have a feeling Kate is going to tell him how she feels before about him before the end of the season.
"...isn't being very friendly to her." I guess that's one way to describe it.

#4- When he was talking about his football career at Columbia in a WAM interview he said how he's got good hands. Yeah baby. For catching a football.
Wow! It's good to know that Foxeeee will always let you know how great he is!

#5- Of course he probably didn't plan on Kate and company showing up to save him and he probably doesn't want to be rescued, not right now. He's a smart, curious guy and he not only wants to know what's going on, his nature makes the "need to know" something he can't resist and of course there is that whole grilled cheese, cheeseburger toting blue-eyed blonde that's been trying to seduce him for the last 2 weeks.

Kate showing up is throwing a major wrench into his plan, plus he knows it's dangerous for her to be there so play along Kate, tell them what they want to know and don't get your little feelings hurt because that big meanie Jack has turned on you and he'll make sure they set you free unharmed and he'll even send his little blonde girlfriend along to make sure that once AGAIN you get away.

Sounds Jatey to me!

#6- Jack sure is putting it out that she's hurt him in previews. Atleast if he does, she'll know he knows sooner rather than later. And then they can fight it out, only to end in her telling him she's sorry and that he's the only man for her- maybe then that kiss in the rain everyone keeps hoping for?

I am positively overcome with inspiration! *sniffs under arm* Or is that perspiration? Who knows after reading the fright fest that is Jate. The point is, it has come to me. I know just what the dream Jate reunion would look like.
*gets all teary eyed* I can see it all now!

Jack: I'll never let you hurt me again, you filthy sow! You did the icky with that white trash nicknamer.

: *gasp* Jack! I never ...

-he backhands her. she crumples to the ground holding her cheek-

Kate: I deserved that.

: Like hell you did. You're not worthy of my time, let alone my touch. I have great hands, ya know!

: I know. *looks up hopefully* Touch me again, Jack. Please.

: Maybe with my boot, but you'll have to blow me first.

-she hurries toward him, on her knees-

: Oh Jack. You're so great and good and I'm such a worthless wretch. How can I make you believe how sorry I am? You're the only man I'll ever love!

: Tell it to the zipper, bitch. *looks curiously toward the window* Was that thunder?

-he grabs her hair and walks quickly to the door, dragging her along side-

: If we do this in the rain, it won't take as long to wash your cooties off me when you're done.

Now that's romance, I tell ya.

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