Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ode to Cactus, Part 2

Dude. Seriously, you are one funny guy. And you're doing all the frakking work for me on the ABC boards. I'm laughing up a storm reading your comments in the Jate thread there. And the amazing thing? You're talking total sense, trying to bring the reality to the koolaid kiddies and they just don't know how to deal with you.

Come over to the Skater rebel side...we have more fun.

This post in particular I thought was a great slam against the Jate notion that it's romantic for Jack to keep his Hero Asshat on, and continue to play Other-fuckbuddy with Kate now in front of him, in obvious danger. For me this really spells out the difference between Jack and Sawyer (who does put Kate first before everyone, including himself):

"So basically what you are saying is that Jack is willing to put the group ahead of Kate and her safety? And you have no problem with that? Right. That makes perfect sense. How can you sit here and claim 'Jack loves Kate, he will do anything for her', and then make excuses for him. I'm not going to knock Jack for trying to find the group rescue. It's noble. But the only thing your scenario shows is that Jack is never willing to put Kate ahead of the group. Jack is choosing the 'greater good' over Kate. Does that sound like Jack is in love with Kate? Not to me it doesn't. If he was 'in love' with Kate, like so many of you claim, than he would put an end to any 'plan' or 'act' he might have right at the very moment he realizes Kate is there and is putting herself in danger. There is noting wrong with Jack pulling this 'fake Other' stunt when it's just him in Othersville. He's got nothing to loose and nobody else is in danger. But now that Kate is there, as well as Locke and Sayid, he should abandon his plan and not risk anyone else getting hurt. But he doesn't abandon his plan does he? All indications are that he continues his charade, even if it means Kate is handcuffed, abused, and in danger. Would Sawyer choose the group over Kate? No, he wouldn't. Would Jack? Well he clearly is isn't he? He is willing to gamble with Kate's life, as well as Locke and Sayids, all so he can keep up with his 'plan' that might get them saved. I admire and respect that Jack is trying to find the group rescue, it shows he is a great leader. However, it does not show that he is 'in love' with Kate. If he was 'in love' with her, he would not be choosing the group over her, he would be putting her first. He would be putting her safety above his 'plan.' Clearly from the promo, Kate's safety is the last thing on his mind. But then again, that's the sad irony of every Hero. They can't seem to put one person ahead of their mission to 'save the world'. As Jack is proving."

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