Sunday, March 11, 2007

Enter 77... note: Jack did not Enter, REJOICE again!

Apologies my dear Fishbiscuiteers, real life has been kicking my butt this week... review Enter 77 now as you will....


-Ah, Sayid. must you look so good in a wife beater?

But such brutality, pouring boiling oil over a woman's arms.

I can take information like this from CNN, but it really is more than I want to have to digest in my entertainment TV.

So the flashback story wasn't my favorite, but I was quite impressed with Naveen Andrews. He totally owns the island crying boy title now. When Foxeeee bawls, I always want to smack him in the back of the head and scream, "Be a man!", but when Naveen's face began to dissolve and his entire body faltered under the unbearable weight of his guilt, it was heartbreaking.

And the whole scene about forgiveness was pretty awesome. Who cares if Sayid tortured that particular woman or not...extending forgiveness and being forgiven was the whole point. Let's hope the writers don't forget that redemption is supposed to be a major theme of the story arc.


What's with the sudden influx of animals on the island?
First there's Vincent. Good to see you, pal, but you're looking a little pudgy. Been hanging out with the Others and chowing down on Dharma dogfood?
Sawyer's boars seems to have disappeared. Gone over to another valley or pigging out with Vinnie? Another island mystery. in plural. It was odd enough to see the black horse with Kate, but now Ms. Klugh apparently rode into Dodge. I do hope that horse isn't bar-be-cue after Locke blew up yet ANOTHER hatch. (Keep that man away from buttons!) If there are any more horses on the island, Sawyer may just have to "cowboy up." Mi Amigo anyone?

Cows...cows???? Well those hamburgers Juliet served had to come from somewhere. But is it really necessary for the cow to wear a cow bell?

And finally, CATS. Cue the soundtrack...Memories.....It does seem fitting that Sayid would have cats in his episode since cats are inscrutible, enigmatic, cunning, devious and beautiful.

The crying cat deserves an Oscar. Who knew cats could cry on demand? (Yeah, yeah it was probably edited, but still...pathos personified in the puddycat.)

All that's missing are chickens. No, wait, there are chickens. The writers of the show who don't seem to have the courage to do something really creative any more--like have Jack turn Darth Vader black. Or stop bringing annoying "Who the hell are you?" folks randomly onto the island. Or giving Paulo, who is pretty damn cute I have to admit, anything to do but play golf and find toilets.

Cluckity Cluck Cluck Cluck!


Gotta love Hurley for trying to make Sawyer feel better. Although Sawyer does seem to like to feel bad.

He rocks the blue shirt scene, however, and can even make that prison ponytail look hot. But really can he ever not look sexy as hell?

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