Saturday, March 3, 2007

Was Gregg a Naughty Boy?

A little birdie told me via PM something interesting happened on the VIP boards. I completely missed it, and unfortunately they didn't have the foresight to copy the posts but...

Apparently Flyer wrote a post to Gregg Nations with her usual pro-Jack 'I love him throwing woman against walls' schtick and also some discussion of the location of Locke's upcoming flashback. Asking for clarification.

Gregg made some responses to the Jack show stuff and then said that Locke was in Ca. And he responded that it originally was Portland but was changed to CA and he had to find maps etc for the final location.

Flyer came back with a catty response about how his usual attention to detail must have been lacking because LOST magazine said it was Or.

Then Halfrek came in and edited Gregg and said "don't feel the spoilers" with a sort of "I am a mod" tone to it all. Gregg replied laughing about Halfrek's edits and saying how seriously she and the other mods took their jobs, that even being a VIP didn't protect him from them.

The entire post and replies has now been poofed and doesn't exist at all, here was the original link:

If Gregg didn't previously know how oppressive and stifled of free, open and humorous discussion the Fuse has become, he does now. Thanks to our lovely Halfrek, the Fuse ambassador for jack-boots, kicked puppies and over-obsessive use of duct tape. *rolls eyes*

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