Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Calm Before the Storm

Kinda what this episode felt like...”the calm before the storm.”

Poor tragic doll like Claire. Stuck with that slightly squicky, quaintly accented but potato-nosed Charlie,

"asking her out" for lunch.

It's cool how Desmond is protecting Charlie. Also cool what a way he has with birds - they lay there waiting for his touch - and who can blame them?

Claire got to write her rescue note, but wasted the opportunity by writing a 10,000 word treatise, meaning the poor bird probably passed out of exhaustion about 24 hours into his oceanic journey and drowned. But it's the thought that counts. At least Claire is showing she's sane enough to want to get her baby out of that place.

Locke is getting a lot cooler. Pushing that guy into the fence...

and shrugging a little sheepishly. Terry O'Quinn has such a charmingly clown creased face, it adds to the natural beauty of the cinematography when they give him screentime.

Good action shots. Sayid and Kate are a very cute little team. They match up sizewise like an ice-skating pair. Loved Sayid pulling Kate back from sure disasters. And - just for Cactus - apparently the shots of her shimmying over the log were much appreciated in certain segments of the audience...

And I do want to nominate this episode for FUNNIEST ENDING EVAH on Lost. That shot of John Elway lineman Jack hurtling towards his buddies and freedom...

...only to turn around and reveal he's become a collaborator! a friend to the enemy! a RAT!

...Kate’s WTF!!!!! face

...and then the music swelling to a crescendo as he catches Tom's incredibly girly man pass...

...then makes an excited rat face and spikes the ball.

Yeah. One of the all time best endings of a Lost episode ever. Side splitting hilarious. Made only more so by the recent promo showing Jack and Kate's loving dynamic has now deepened to the point almost of S&Mish imagery:

Think Jack can still catch a faint scent of Sawyer in Kate's hair...?
Oh, brother! Can't wait to see what comes of this!

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