Saturday, March 3, 2007

Giving credit where credit is due.

As you might imagine, I do quite a bit of reading in order to bring the snarky Lost fun here. While my low tolerance for ignorance and stupidity bring out my sarcastic and unforgiving sides, my sincere appreciation of reason, sanity and fair-play demands that I also give tribute to those who speak wisely, no matter who they are.

On site after site, I have read post after post interpreting the meaning and hidden meaning and between the lines meaning of the say you're sorry scene at the beginning of TTID. The following is the most compelling I have seen.

I give you words of clarity from a Jater:

"Kate's been calling him James since she found out his name (mostly) and I think maybe she tried to separate the entities. I saw the "Welcome home, Sawyer," as a kind of recognition of the fact that he'll never change.

Which is what I saw the "I'm Sorry" scene as. It boggles me that people are looking for one specific answer when there isn't one. Kate wanted Sawyer to apologize for ANYTHING. Start fresh. Second Chance. Do it right this time, James. Apologize for letting Karl go. Apologize for bossing me around. Apologize for accusing me of only sleeping with you because I thought you were a dead man. Apologize for leaving Jack behind. Apologize because I'm hurting and I need to know that the man I chose feels an ounce of remorse for anything.

"I ain't got nothing to be sorry for."

Welcome home, Sawyer.

She honestly wanted to try, even though I think she knew it wouldn't work. She gave Sawyer a chance and thankfully she's not the smoke monster. -- mysticxf"

So elegant and simple. So perfectly plain. Those of us on opposing ships were so busy seeing only our own ship angles, we neglected to just look at the scene. After reading this, I went back and watched that scene again and wondered, how could any of us have seen anything else?

Of course we completely disagree on interpretation of the remainder of the scene, but I wanted to share my appreciation of this one Jater post.

See, it can happen. I can actually agree with a Jater on occasion. And no, there is not a meteor about to fall on my head.

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