Friday, March 2, 2007

Evi's View

Evi on The View, report from Leah Kate:

LK: Who knew that S. Epatha Merkerson (sp?) was a Skater?? LOL. She just called Evi out when Evi labeled Kate "fickle", saying that she thinks Kate is just feisty and determined to rescue Jack - and then Evi agreed, saying, "I think Kate would have gone back after anyone who was left behind on the other island." The View women are all big fans of the cage sex. (Though Evi's parents obviously aren't.)

LK re 'Fickle': Please, let's not overanalyze the word, though - she was joking. When one of the women pressed her on it, she got more serious and said in an "All kidding aside" tone that she thought Kate would have gone back after anyone. She wasn't trying to imply anything about Jack - it's just the same cutesy non-answers we've been getting from everyone for months now. She also said that most people had assumed Kate had made her choice already, with Sawyer.

Interview clip:

Isn't it funny that if Evi had come out with her standard "blah blah the triangle is forever" line, it would have been up on Jateland in a flash, as if it were some kind of spoiler. But she says this and it just....never happened, for all they know. Perhaps because it's one more example of things not conforming to the Great Pelican Jate Manifesto.

I love that The View women are apparently all Skaters. That non shipping general audience (aka NSGA) keeps getting smaller and smaller, don't it, Krusty.

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