Saturday, December 30, 2006

Maevie, I Mean Crazy

DISCLAIMER: Enter here at your own risk, and check your sanity at the door… that is, if you dare to venture into the bowels of the FF threads to visit the "Mavie" thread there:

I stumbled across this while catching up on all the latest on the shipper threads … OMG… there are no words to describe this level of insanity. It just about made me want to run screaming for the hills! Truly mind boggling. Shipping real actors who are married or in a relationship with someone else.

These people on FF honestly want Foxy and Evie together, in real life. Anyone else heard of this crap? Matt's wife is a whore, Dom is an a$$hole, and "Mavie" are Twuly Twu Wuv.
These are the CRAZIEST of the Jaters known to mankind. NO GRIP on reality, whatsoever.

I mean, to get the full effect of TEH CRAZY that exists there, you really have to read it, but be WARNED – it is sick, Sick, SICK.
Here’s a sample for those of you that do not wish to venture into the dark & crazy abyss of Mavie-world…
At the start of this thread, the Mavie-crazies have a list to let us know why they support this ‘ship’ – among the idiotic reasons:
She looks like a fangirl? 'Cause they finally kissed & it was just like they thought it would be??
Is this the best they can come up with? *rolling eyes*

The one named "Mavie", if you follow links in her sig over there, writes Matt/Evie fanfic. As in smut-fic. It's disgustingly inappropriate.
Recognized Jaters aka Mavie-crazies on the fan-list: Franci, Giuly, and foxy's lover from the Fuse.

A lot of quotes are mentioned, but surprise, surprise - no source for them. The rest is just either spin to meet the required needs or some sort of really weird Jater / Mavie logic used to understand that Evie & Matt are in TWU WUV with one another.

Some of the latest:

1) something was going on because they hadn't long met and they really liked each other becuase it is so obvious in the pictures.

2) something went on afterwards because there haven't been so cushy lately, hence why there is a bit of a hiatus.” the real-life unresolved sexual tension between Matt Fox and Evie Lilly is the reason for this long hiatus?

As for THE one & only kiss:

“Like you, I totally saw the mavieness when they broke the kiss, they were really shocked and amazed, I think that was part of how Matt and Evie felt, not only Jack and Kate, I think tbey really felt something, I mean how can't you?, don't tell me that kissing a handsome man like Foxy doesn't do anything to you, I'm sure Evie felt something, and not only her but also Foxy.”

LOL. IMO if that was Evie being Evie and not Kate, then I think it's safe to say that she CANNOT stand Foxee!

REALITY CHECK PEOPLE: these actors ARE people. They go to work like the rest of us and want to just do their jobs. This type of worshipping is extremely creepy and totally disrespectful to the people these posters purport to be fans of. Jaters everywhere, take note of the certifiably insane of those among you!

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