Monday, December 18, 2006

Dead Zombie Horse Repeatedly Beaten

Brainsssss, Brainssss...Yep it looks like the Zombie Jate season is upon us with gems like this:

"I think this is the key thing that Jaters are trying to communicate: the skex had nothing to do with a choice between Sawyer and Jack, and so in no way was she "choosing" Sawyer over Jack."

Um yes. She is. Yes. She did. The show told you. The media told you. Hell, the damn authors and TPTB told you.

But no...instead you'd rather eat brains. Well, that's okay.

I guess if you repeat it often enough and loudly enough it will come true? Kinda like clacking your heels together and yelling 'There's no place like home.' But if you don't got the ruby slippers, sorry Dorothy, you are shit outta luck there.

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