Friday, December 15, 2006

Moonlighting Musings

more I think about Queen B and her little buzzing hives of drones, the more amused and cynical I get by the minute. I think it must be because she is so frakking wordy. Somehow being wordy is equated with being smart...because, you know, having access to a Thesaurus is a big deal.

I'm still shaking my head over the idea that any producers would write something that would make a couple that people think is freakin' hot fail. Clearly none of the Bubbleheads ever actually SAW Moonlighting.

Apparently in Jaterville, the writing room conversation went like this:

Carlton: We need to break up Kate and Sawyer because they are just too hot.

Damon: I've got an idea. Let's have them get it on and then it will ruin their relationship just like it did for David and Maddie!

Carlton: Oh, excellent idea. We'll spend 6 episodes and tons of money and production time to set up a romantic scene that is going to get lots of press and make the 10 ten most memorable moments of tv for the year just so that the relationship can go to hell in episode 7.

Damon: That's frickin' brilliant! Then I can talk about how people will compare it to Moonlighting and everyone will understand that we really are planning on having Kate and Jack get together and this is just our way of destroying any hope of Skate.

High fives all around and the writers scurry off to their computers.

Yeah, riiight.

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