Saturday, December 23, 2006

We Are Unimpressed, Apparently.

Looks like Jack ain't gonna be killed off of Lost anytime soon, chicas, so don't worry your poor widdle Jackaroo or Jater hearts about that.

A sampling of amusing reviews of WAM. There are some decent ones out there and Rotten Tomatoes is firmly on the fence. What amused me though is that the 'cream of the crop' reviews like New York Post, Chicago Tribune, Newsday, USA Today, Variety etc. don't really make any significant mentions of MF's so-called Oscar worthy performance. Willy Waffle just thought he was the shiznat though.

"Matthew Fox is also a disappointment with a distant and timid dramatic performance, culminated by his almost laughably bad crying scenes. His strength is in being a strong character, and it shows in his poor performance as a man whose will is almost depleted."

"Matthew Fox, as assistant coach Red Dawson, tries the old play that less is more. No go."

"Matthew Fox is Red Dawson, and the actor seems to have been born to play a guy who is always on the verge of tears, as Fox seems to always be on the verge of tears (this is also true, distressingly, in real life). He’s second billed, but this is really his film, and general teary-eyed quivering aside, Fox does an admirable job."

Oscar noms? I don't think so. Unless the criteria is cry very well.

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