Friday, December 15, 2006

Is there a lower place to sink to?

For those of you who like to claim that the Bubblehead Brigade are so frakking classy, intelligent and articulate, I give you this morsel of classiness from the Fuse:

"Anyway,am I the only one who thinks that insted of that Bai chick, they should have casted josh's wife for that part with Foxy? mauhahah. I think it would have been fair..(if you catch my hint,lol) and fun.."

Talk about downright disturbing. And it illustrates my contention that some of the more extreme Bubbleheads can't seem to figure out the difference between fiction and real life.

Sawyer (Josh) stole Kate from Jack (MF), so naturally, it's only fair that Josh's (Sawyer's) wife should get it on with MF (Jack). WTF?

First off Yessica's not an actress. Second it's not like MF is tupping Evie in real life, Dom is. But really the notion of real life tit for tat is just so damned batshit crazy and twisted that it boggles my mind that people even come up with bullshit like that.


Oh, and BTW, this just in - an newspaper article about non-couples and whether they should get it on or not. Guess which couple is mentioned and which non-couple ain't. *snicker*,CST-FTR-elf15.article

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