Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Something for the Jaters

Question: Christmas is almost here, and Lost scoop is on my list this year. Can you help me, Santa Clausiello? — Georgia
Ausiello: Don't be too sure about Kate's decision to choose Sawyer over Jack. A girl can change her mind.

I guess someone finally heard the cries of 'throw me a frickin' bone here.'

And I can just see the Bubbleheads flocking to feast on this little spoiler hint morsel like flies on a bloated dead horse carcass. Good old Ausiello, he's like the Anti-Kristen. Always thought he was a closet Jater. And yeah, his track record's been pretty shaky at times and worse than Kristen often. Like when he said Kate would find out about Ana, and that Sawyer would be dead to her. Didn't he also say Jate would be working to get past first base at the end of last season?

Giving the spoiler credence for a moment, though:

Kate makes a definitive, physical and emotional choice. And then...she screws Sawyer over? Not buying it.

TPTB said they are going to explore the Sawyer/Kate relationship further, and her 'commitment'. Jack looks like he's spending time getting to know Juliet and the Others. How are they going to have Kate change her mind? And so soon? Please do not have Kate pining on the beach for Jack. That would be so rutting lame and sad for her character. I don't see her doing a 180 so quickly considering the Island timeline, and I've been jonesing for the girl to get her groove back and be kick ass again, frakk it. Not a mopey puppy waiting for her Prince Jack to come home.

If they do go Jate, it will certainly be a big surprise to that "general viewing audience" who saw Skate as a highlight of the year so far. LOL.

Stranger things have happened, I guess. And I'll suck it up if it ever does. It'll take a shit load of fancy footwork from the writers to make it remotely believable, though, after this stellar mini arc season.

Edited to add:

Found out what the entire original question was from Duffy on the Fuselage. It all makes sense now. Just Ausiello giving out some speculative hope to a desperate Jate fan, not a proper general spoiler:

Christmas is almost here, and Lost scoop is on my list this year. Santa Clausiello, please tell me that all is not lost for my favorite TV couple, Jack & Kate. Your cookies and milk are on their way, complete with a flask of brandy should you feel the need to have your own little private part-ay.

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