Wednesday, December 6, 2006

"I Do" Podcast: Let it go, Jack. Let it go.

Note to self: Never fanwank my couple and get so delusional about it that Damon and Carlton have to smack me down.

Ow, the burn.

"I mean, who's watching it and going, 'I'm not sure that she picked Sawyer, I think maybe she went with Jack there.' When you're curled up naked on someone's chest, you've made your choice."

Skack? Jate who? Sawyer and Kate reserved the Honeymoon Cage. Yeah blowing up your dad might not be illegal, just like having sex with someone isn't necessarily a commitment. Zombie Kate's choice.

So much mockage. Really, boys, you outdid yourselves this time. The snark was flowing fast and loose. Methinks they are tired of the whacked out theories that make no sense to what's actually being shown onscreen.

This should serve as a cautionary tale for all those wannabe extreme shippers out there not to take a show too seriously and treat your ship like a religion. Do not assume that you OWN the show you are obsessing over. It's beyond pathetic to keep reading Bubbleheads bleating on about betrayal, and slaps in the face, and the writers not having a clue about their own show or making their characters do 180's yadda yadda. How dare they make story choices which don't fit my skewed fantasy of what is happening on the screen?

Testimonials about how a ship has affected a person in real life is scary and freaks me out. How about you?

Jate writing campaigns to the ABC president, and to the VIP's ranting and railing against Skate being presented as the big canon couple is going to somehow matter more than the great ratings and media buzz and water-cooler reaction it's still getting? I don't think so.

“And they don't come here and see that the Jaters are their most loyal and committed fans? “ Talk about arrogant in the extreme. Substitute 'most cult-like and need to be committed' fans and I might agree.

“It almost feels like Jate is not as important to TPTB as they are to us “ Ya think, maybe???

“Also keep in mind the very nature of podcasts is not to give answers but to entice, inveigle, & bend the truth. “ Um, no, actually it's to clarify, disseminate what they intended for PAST episodes if there is any doubt, and then give out vague and intriguing spoiler hints as to what's coming up in FUTURE episodes to keep people watching. Don't confuse the two, mmkay? Oh, and they also taunt over-obsessive Lost fans who have clearly lost the plot. Or should I say who have obviously taken a wrong turn off of the Lost Interstate Highway a few state-lines back. Honk if you think Jate is still Fate! *Snerk*

“The 'I'm-so-cool-b/c-my-name's-Damon-so-I-can-do-whatever-the-hell-I-want -and-therefore-ruin-the-show' logic.” How about the'I'm-the-frakkin'-producer-of-this-show-Damon-so-I-can-do-whatever-the-hell-I-want-as-long-as
-ratings-remain-high-and-ABC-is-still-behind-the-show' logic.

And please, anyone who thinks that the fallout from a few irate fans over this is gonna lose them millions of viewers needs to get their head thoroughly examined. The boycotts or lobbying of a few dozen crazy fanatical online Bubbleheads are not going to make a dent in the ratings. It's absurd to even contemplate.

After two and a half years of being smug, self-righteous, arrogant, loudly dismissive of Skate and Skater fans, the Bubbleheads are finally going to have eat some crow. Tastes nummy don't it?

The phrase “It'll come back around.” ring any bells?

The fact is, Sawyer and Kate have chosen each other, they are currently the powerhouse couple who fell in love on the show. Yeah, it might not last forever. But guess what, this is TV-Land. That's par for the course, amigos. But do yourselves a favour and at least accept the truth. The Jate ship is currently dead in the water and taking on water at an alarming rate.

Even TPTB think the rabid Bubbleheads are Lost In Translation for denying what's been in plain sight for so long.

Hubris, baby. It goeth before a fall, and you can't tell me they didn't have this one coming. I make no apology for laughing at the SPLAT!

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