Monday, December 18, 2006

Out with the Old, In with the New!

Since the Fuselage Jater-Couch (not to be confused with the Teeny Couch at Lost Forum) is about to start a new thread, let's have our own little poll as to a suitable name for it. Any suggestions?

I kinda like the irony of 'Unbreakable', since ya know, the Bubbleheads love the glass wall scene. Or at least the first half. They tend to try to ignore the last half as not existing at all. Like, ya know, when Jack was screaming at Kate and making her cry and telling her to basically fuck off.

If the glass is unbreakable well, Jate ain't ever gonna connect on this side of Hades. Kinda fitting don't you think?

'Screw you Kate! No wait...Sawyer already did!'

'What Jack Saw'

'Dead and Deader'

'Glug, glug, glug'

'Throw me a frickin' LifeJACKET...'

Yeah, pretty lame, I am sure you all can come up with better ones. Let's have a vote!

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