Thursday, December 7, 2006

That's poetical!

I got sent this via PM. Very very cool:

The Howling

I wonder what has people thinking
Plug the holes! Our ship is sinking
Down into this icky water
I can’t swim! I’m not an otter!

All this cold and awful mocking
Like coal in my Christmas stocking
Oh, those dreadful, evil Powers
They got theirs, but where is ours?

We’re the most important fans
We feel entitled to our plans
They’ve promised us since season one
That Jate would never be undone

Damon and that Carlton too
Took sacred vows of what to do
They would never write for SKate
It’s in the scripts that Jate is fate!

And now we’re left betrayed and broken
Those vile producer men have spoken
Make no mistake, we are not sunk
We’ll tell the network of your junk

You’ll see our anger and our wrath
Our ranks outweigh your ratings math
We’re more than you have bargained for
We are Jaters! Hear us ROAR!

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