Friday, December 29, 2006

Foxy Quotage

This is an interesting quote from MF in a french mag (courtesy of Luanne from LF):

During the third season, in the love triangle between Kate, Sawyer and Jack, your character does not make out well. Does that irritate you?

Personally, I don't give a damn! Evi is an adorable girl, but we play characters. If the series is regularly followed, one understands the attraction which Kate has for Sawyer. I don’t want Jack to win the heart of the girl just so that he can be a hero. It is necessary that it serve the story. Given the circumstances in which Jack finds himself in the third season, it would make more sense that Kate would get involved with Sawyer.

Seems he's singing a vastly different tune from the days when there was no triangle and Sawyer wasn't a reality. Loved the bit I underlined. Take that Bubbleheads for your so-called Jatervision. Maybe some of MF fans will finally get a frakking clue move on and go with the potential of Jacket which looks far more likely to develop this season.

Okay...sleep time. Laters.

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