Monday, December 11, 2006

So much mockage to be done! Where do I start?


1) Sawyer can NEVER change. He is still the selfish scumbag he was in S1.
2) Sawyer in love with Kate is way too sappy and stupid. Bring back S1 Sawyer.

Wait a minute. But didn't you say Sawyer can't ever change, so he can't be sappy and stupid over Kate; and he can't return to S1 Sawyer because he has never changed, but he needs to go back to something he can't change from, and still is.


The whining and the choruses of 'Bring back Season One' continue. Why? Because they want the old days when we were just getting to know the characters, and seeing the stereotypes which the writers were planning to deconstruct. They don't want character growth, they don't want the plot moving forward in exciting and unconventional ways. No, they want stagnation, formulaic TV instead of the innovative, convention-breaking show Lost is trying to be.


When Bubbleheads start with their 'logic' that Sawyer represents the bad boy that always ends up abusing their women, I always want to point out that Kate is hardly an innocent naive little girl. She is in fact a KILLER (number one ignored fact by Jaters).

But try to argue that Kate is anything other than just a poor little girl with "issues" (like a little murder, bankrobbery, explosive arson,etc.) in her past, and the Jaters get all defensive that somehow we're implying Kate doesn't deserve redemption because she's a woman? WTF?

Kate is walking the long hard road of redemption right alongside Sawyer. That's the point.

Carried to its extreme, we get ridiculous statements about what a bad example Kate is setting for young girls by choosing the bad boy over the good one. Again, WTF???

It's a frakking TV show, not Sunday school.

And it's mindboggling, the extent to which Bubbleheads erase Kate's crimes completely from her slate. They have, in my opinion, not the least grasp on Kate. She's merely the Barbie to match the Ken doll they drool over.

You'd think if they were so frakking concerned about young impressionable girls, they'd focus first on the fact that if you blow up your father and rob a bank and shoot random people and get your best friend killed and marry a cop under an know, you might have a sort of difficult life after that. The badness of her boy is the least of this bad girl's worries.

By the way, how is getting involved with a stick-up-his-ass, control freak, daddy-issued, stalking, ego-centric doctor with a Messiah complex a better choice for such a wild, unfettered and independent woman as Kate is???


I've been reading some indignant posts about how Jack never had a chance to win Kate's love, there was no real choice because Kate was shoved in a cage next to Sawyer, and Jack was taken completely out of the picture. Huh? How long have they been in captivity? A week at most.

Doesn't that expose the Jate internal logic as being fundamentally flawed? What happened to the Jate is Fate mantra? Don't they have this unbreakable cosmic connection at the cellular level (you can bet that the sex will be by osmosis if and when they finally get it on)? What happened to the claims that Kate and Jack are completely in love with each other, and have been growing closer as a romantic couple since the Pilot? I thought Sawyer was just an obstacle that got thrown in the way of the beauty of Jate...(An obstacle which Kate jumped onto and humped vigorously and with much enjoyment judging by the contentment and smiles both were exhibiting afterwards, mind you)

You are trying to tell me that being put into a life endangering situation with Sawyer for a few days is enough to make Kate just forget Jack and shove down her jeans, lift up her floral shirt and do the nasty with Sawyer? If she was so in love with Jack, or cared about him (in a non-familial way as Jaters shrilly insist) half as much as is claimed, then there is NO WAY that she would just bump uglies with a guy that some people claim she is just friends with, and doesn't have any sexual or emotional connection to, after a few measly days away from her one true love. * snicker *

And yet Jaters are claiming Kate just flipped some off switch with regards to Jack, for those few days, and she'll flip it on again once she realizes the big awful shameful mistake she made and begs Jack for forgiveness and to take her back. (Feminists around the globe should give a collective groan here)

Give me a frakking break. That makes absolutely no gorram sense at all.

What DOES make sense is that Kate and Sawyer have been steadily falling in love over the past three seasons. Sawyer came to the realization earlier than Kate did. But Kate's been trying to follow her HEAD not her HEART and has been fighting her growing feelings for Sawyer and doing what she could to fall in love with Saint Jack of Ass. However, love's not a logical beast and Kate finally stopped running from her love for Sawyer. She finally accepted her choice, and committed to Sawyer both physically and emotionally.

Commitment changes everything.

All bets are off, kiddos.

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