Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Big Kahunas have spoken: "I Do" podcast

Reserving commentary for later, because Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse just...well, they say it all. I highly recommend you listen to the podcast yourself just to hear their sarcastic mocking tones.

Reminder for the mentally challenged: Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are the authors of 'I Do' episode and showrunners of LOST, on ABC. Transcription from LF, by Zoriah.


I Do, or at this point 'I did, and I liked it'

CC: But let's talk about Kate hooking up with Sawyer, just for a segue.

Damon: Sure, I'd love to.

CC: I mean, I know you want to talk about Taye Diggs, but, what do you think? Was this actually the definitive choice?

DL: I- You know, people keep asking me that and it's...I don't-

CC: Was this the definitive choice?

DL: How- How much clearer-

CC: Was this choice...definitive?

DL: How much clearer could you be about her choice? I mean, who's watching it and going, 'I'm not sure that she picked Sawyer, I think maybe she went with Jack there.' She's had sex with him.

CC: And yet- And yet people actually do, you know, I think certain people maybe just don't value the act of sex as being that important.

DL: *stunned laughter* I don't- I don't even know how I could possibly respond to that in any PG-13 sort of fashion.

*more chuckles from CC*

DL: But...I will say that when you are curled up naked on someone's chest, as I have been on Carlton's on several- on several occasions...

CC: I knew that was coming.

DL: You...You've made your choice.

CC: Well. And I'm- I thank you for that. I appreciate it. I appreciate your commitment to me.

DL: But I think it will be interesting to see sorta where Sate and- Kate and Sawyer go next -

CC: Satan?

DL: Sate and Kawyer?

CC: Wow!

DL: Wow.

CC: Satan. When is Satan coming into the show?

DL: They call them Skate. Kate and Sawyer. And then-

CC: Right.

DL: And then the other ones are... um Skack? No. What is Sack? Sawyer and Jack?

Chris: The Jaters and the Skaters.

DL: The Jaters and the Skaters.

CC: Thank you Chris.

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