Thursday, December 28, 2006

Xmas ramblings... more eggnog, please.

So...everybody have some Christmas cheer and all that. Yeah, I did the family thing, didn't check the boards for a few days. What a bloody miracle, that was, I can tell you. I twitched alot, and eyed the keyboard with the kind of painful longing that we are apparently supposed to believe Jack and Kate share for each other (and which most Skaters write off as self esteem destroying hero worship on Kate's part, and cold controlling obessive infatuation on Jack's. *shrugs*)

Anyways, I'm back. Catching up.

Whoo boy howdy is there some interesting discussion going around right now.

Sorta like the DefCon rankings, the Kate and Sawyer caged passion love scene has gone from Bubblehead 'Pity Sex' and been upgraded to 'Terror Sex'. Yeah, I am sure that's what Damon and Carlton had in mind when they wrote that episode and made decisions on the story arc this season. Commitment means Terror Sex, dontcha know? Thanks WJ for my first guffaw of the holiday season.

Cactus socked it to the ABC crowd with a 'You say it's pity sex, and a one off, but what happens if she keeps having sex with Sawyer through the rest of the season? And willingly, and not by some hypnotic coercion, blackmail, bribe, drugged food or voodoo doll scenario? Would you accept it then? It was a good question, and really, I'd seriously like to hear some Jaters give a straight and realistic answer to this. Not more bleating on about Jate is Fate no matter what, and Kate will realise her mistake, etc.

The weird strange bubblehead who always brings in bible quotes and shit to support Jate, decided to rework the 'Yes, there is a Santa Claus' editorial to support her ship, and openly spat on Skaters in the process as being skeptical people with no heart and soul. *insert extreme rolling of eyes*

Do skaters appreciate romance? Love and sacrifice? Redemption and people growing and healing as individuals?

To quote Kate: "Hell, Yeah!" Duh!

We just also happen to also enjoy watching feisty strong-willed couples who have a mutual 'give and take' dynamic. Edgy romance, not saccharine sweetness that makes your teeth ache (take Clark and Lana on Smallville in the early years as an example of this). We like a character pairing who can have hot, yet loving sex in cages. Who have smokin' chemistry. Characters who don't sit around on beaches and pine or mope. No navel-gazing or blank star-searching for us.

It tickles me that Jaters now are trying to claim that Kack is a 'pure and innocent' love in order to justify why Kate chose Sawyer so blatantly and definitively, emotionally, physically and sexually in I do. (Yes, I am gonna keep milking the words that came from TPTB's own frakking mouths, so bite me Bubbleheads) Why? Because lately, it seems the diehard Jaters want Kate to feel shame and degradation and guilt for choosing Sawyer over Jack more than they seem to want them together. They want her in sack cloth and ashes, begging forgiveness for her big huge mistake. That's just sad. A woman's worth shouldn't be judged by the man she willingly consents to sleep with, or choses to keep company with. End of story. That's so rutting outdated an attitude that it makes me sick to my stomach that people still feel that way about our gender.

You see, I believe Kate slept with Sawyer because she wanted to. Because she loved him, and chose him. She made a commitment to give herself to him in a way that's not trivial - from what we know of her character. And really, how is that not innocent? If you take the idea of 'lacking in guilt or shame'. She didn't transgress and has nothing to feel guilty or bad about. How is it not pure, if two people have sex because of genuine overwhelming passion for each other and a deep emotional connection that can no longer be denied? Is sex morally dirty to the Bubbleheads? Or is it only because it happened with Sawyer and not Jack?

A final Q and A to mull over:

Do we think it's going to be all sweetness and light for Sawyer and Kate from now on? No!

Do we even want it to be all sweetness and light and cheesy romance for this couple? Hell, no!

Do we expect that it's an eternal commitment (including matching 'soulmates forevah!' tattoos) and going to last right until the end of the series? Probably not. But it's gonna be a hell of a ride!

Do we feel entitled/or owed having Kate and Sawyer end up being the 'be all, end all' couple by the end of the series? No!

Do we think that Jack is never going to come back and play some role as a romantic obstacle in the future? No!

Do we think that Sawyer or Kate have learned their lessons and are never going to do something incredibly stupid and painful to each other? No! I mean come on this is Sawyer and Kate we are talking about, correct?

Do we think that Kate, Sawyer and Jack have been acting completely in character, based on circumstances and their growth through previous seasons? Yes!

Do we trust TPTB to write a great story with emotional impact, character growth, intrigue and enough pain to make it epic? A huge emphatic, rabble rousing YES!!!!

And therein, perhaps, lies some of the fundamental differences between many diehard Jaters and Skaters.

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