Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Did I mention that Skateislove?

Poor widdle Bubbleheads went running to mommy about the nasty Skaters using the LOVE screencap from the promo. How frakking juvenile. WAAAAH! Can't handle the fact that the ABC Promo superimposed love on Sawyer and Kate kissing and the Skaters picked up on it?

And then we have Halfrek the megabitch mod from Hades throwing down the smack for...what exactly? Halfrek if I had any balls I'd want you to suck them for being such a tightass, kneejerk, arrogant snot who caters to the Bubbleheads and eats their cake and constantly seems to feel the need to stomp on her professed own ship's thread.

PRESERVED FOR POSTERITY, YOU DESERVE 5 STARS PROF DEZ FOR TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. The rank favoritism on that site towards the Couch toadies who need handholding every frakking five seconds is rank, blatantly obvious and makes a mockery of what good modding should be all about.

And the horse you road in on!

With all due respect, and I mean that quite sincerely, would you please give us guidelines as to what would work? A different kiss screen cap? All we want to do here is put together a screen cap, a color wash and the word LOVE. Yes, the INSPIRATION for the idea came from the promo, but we love the graphics and the colors over an iconic moment that has already aired. If we're not allowed to use the word LOVE on an avi, then there are scores of others on the board in violation too, though again, I don't understand WHY. We fell in love with this concept gradually, the inspiration of a graphic, then the wonderful colors, then the rainbow of colors on a team avi. There's no conspiracy or plot here, that's not what it's all been about.

Most especially, I do not understand the level of pure venom in the two "disciplinary" posts. Is this board not intended for people to ENJOY the fandom, and this forum on it to ENJOY their ships? Sawyer and Kate got together, the word LOVE appears on all kinds of avis for ships of every description, but it's not allowed on an avi of the couple that actually DID get together? I genuinely don't get it. We collaborated right here on the board to try to comply with the rules. Look at the number of DIRECT questions to Halfrek and to Mods generally that went unanswered in the early posts. Nobody said we were on the wrong track anywhere, then we find out that we were on the wrong track only 12 hours later, because Halfrek's computer was on the fritz. How could we possibly know that? NOW you come at us with this disrespect stuff? THAT was not the intent and it's too juvenile an accusation even to dignify with a response, except that we have to because we're being treated like unruly 12 year olds. You both seem to think our "fun" was in somehow circumventing a rule, which is twisted IMO, and NOTmy kind of fun - here or elsewhere. Our FUN was in making our clubhouse beautiful and colorful and celebratory and enjoying our ship, and if you'd read it from that perspective - instead of looking for some petty motive - then you'd see that is exactly what the whole rainbow of LOVE was all about!

If you are genuinely incapable of seeing that, then shame on you for thinking the worst of everybody instead of trying to help them when they ask for it. We wanted to get as close as we could to the graphic that inspired it - no more, and no less, without compromising any rules or getting ourselves in trouble, and said both those things repeatedly.

To come at us after a full day of silence on the questions and development of our ideas - THAT WE PUT RIGHT OUT THERE SO WE COULD BE GIVEN GUIDANCE IF WE WERE GOING OFFTRACK is more than excessive. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON was SPOILED by our error. Whose experience of the show or the board did we possibly affect negatively by our error? Nobody's. So this all boils down to the perception that we're to be treated like 12 year olds going behind the teacher's back or some juvenile crap, when we couldn't have been more OPEN about what we were hoping to accomplish and more obviously careful and reluctant to screw up if we'd tried!

We had a lovely day decorating our clubhouse in rainbow colors, but if you want to insist it was about something else, we sure can't stop you. Another mod might have come on AFTER HER COMPUTER HAD BEEN OUT OF ORDER FOR 12 HOURS and said, "Whoa, you guys have waaaay misunderstood! Back up there. It's not just about the promo, it's about BAITING," which YOU mentioned for the first time because none of us even thought of that! (We've already gone past that because our couple IS a couple.) Then we could have gone from there, discussing possible screen caps and graphics and so on, because surely not ALL Skate avis are atuomatically off limits just because some people don't like the couple being together?

I wish we were discussing this instead of typing it because I am frustrated, and the way things are going here and the perception you seem to have of us, you might mistake frustration for disrespect and it is NOT intended that way. I'll wait for my "reward" with great disappointment about how this lovely cheerful day turned out. Chalk this one up as a victory for the people who can't stand the couple being together and will report any and everything connected to Skate, and to the fact that we weren't psycic enough to know Halfrek's computer was out of order all day while we were enjoying ourselves thinking we'd figured it out and gotten it right. ~DEZDEMONA

*snicker* A massive meltdown over a silly stupid little icon because some over-sensitive Jater got pissy and freaked out at seeing Sawyer and Kate canon kissing, and the word LOVE officially superimposed over them on an official promo. Don't tell me this was about being SPOILERY at all, what a bunch of bat guano.

I'm sure some nice Jater was concerned that it might give away something that might air...no wait it already DID air. It was a blatant report for the sake of kicking up a fuss and ENVY that the skaters were happy and celebrating their ship in such a coordinated fashion and displaying the kind of team spirit that doesn't need a spin-bible and jack-boots to accomplish.

Anyways, it's all pretty darn pathetic to get that riled about an avatar, isn't it? But hey, Bubbleheads seem intent on spreading negativity whereever they can. It's become frakking predictable lately. And yet they call us meanspirited and nasty??

Skateislove. Get over it. You can't keep a conman and his fugitive girl down.

All you skaters out there, spread the message of love, sport those AVI's and icons with pride, good humour and snark till you drop. Fight the oppression of proud Skaterness wherever you find it! Come out and declare yourself as a skater if you haven't before this day! Wear your rainbow coloured LOVE icon with no apologies!!!!

Peace out!

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