Sunday, January 21, 2007

So what was so important?

What is it with the Mighty Foxee also known as "Chimp Chest" not bothering to show up at the Golden Globes to support Evie and the rest of the cast? Practically all the major cast were there in person to support the noms for Evi and the show's Best Drama nod, so it's doubtful there were any major episodes scenes being shot that day. Why the no show? It's not like he had to make the trek from Honolulu. Hell, he was already in LA for the press tour stuff. What was the big deal with staying an extra day? There's a flight that leaves LAX about 9 pm and gets to Honolulu by midnight that he could have caught. And there are early morning flights that would have had him on the set by noon the next day. So was this just sour grapes for Foxface or was one of his infamous social boozing events catching up with him? Whatever it was, it was bad form.

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