Sunday, January 14, 2007


Over at one of the main LOST sites, there was a team quesion as to what would happen at the end of the show according to Jate-think, talk about some interesting options. Here are a few more choices for your amusement:

If LOST is to have a finite point - say at the end of Season 5, please select one of the following scenarios you would like to see happen (and why), or supply your own.....

1) "The Heel" Sacrifice. The Heel realizes that Kate really does love Sawyer, Sawyer really does love Kate, Jate really sank, and Skate really do belong together; The Heel then sacrifices her cyber-life to give some semblance of kindness, goodness, and sanity back to the interweb. This would happen sometime between right away and. . . well, right away.

2) The Season 5 Big Bonanza. Kate and Sawyer remain the OTP of Lost for the duration of the show. And the Heel spends all of season five leading Jaters in watching reruns of Bonanza.

3) The Will they or Won't They Show. Jack and Kate are reunited prior to S5, but he yells at her again, she sobs random apologies, they rinse and repeat a couple of times ad nauseum (TV Guide supplies special edition Lost paper barf bags to mark the unique occasion), and finally he dismisses her in order to wander off and have raunchy, unprotected floor sex with a skanky Thai tattoo artist with an alien coming out of her chest.

4) Angst Overload. Either Kate or Sawyer will sacrifice their only boat so Jack can sail off to find his manhood.

5) Bring it on Baby. Kate and Sawyer teach their baby to track, and Jaters everywhere wish they could get drunk and meet Matthew Fox at one of his sadist parties so he would make them do abnormally embarrassing things...

6) Future Findings. We discover that if Kate had ever really hooked up with Jack, she'd have killed herself and would have had absolutely no future to find.

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