Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jack & Jay's Podcast

Yeah, well. That was a laugh riot. Seems like we have two closet Jate fans there. Apparently using the word 'sex' on air is a mite troublesome in Nth Carolina? Who'da thunk it. Makes me giggle that they read out Midnight's email with help from Duffy. Ha! You go girls. Of course they didn't read out mine. Probably too snarky for them. And they gave Leah Kate's a miss too. Probably because it kicked major ass and totally frakked up their Jate zen. The jate argument was pretty much just the same old tired...oh they are destined to end up together, he's the hero, Jate is emotional, Skate is only physical yadda yadda.

*insert the rolling of eyes here*

Well, I'm bringing it over for posterity's sake. Leah Kate's awesome Top Ten Reasons Why Skate is Better Than Jate

10. Playfulness
Kate and Sawyer have fun together, whether it's engaging in sexually charged horseplay in a waterfall or playing a flirtatious "getting to know you" drinking game. Jack does not understand this strange human custom. In Kate's own words, fun is something "he should try sometime."

9. Angst
Sawyer and Kate's fights are filled to the brim with mutual passion, anger, pain, unresoloved childhood issues, sexual tension, fear, doubt, and raw emotion. Jack and Kate's fights are filled to the brim with squints, arrogance, condescension, and shouting (from Jack) and sickening apologies and tail-between-her-legs weeping (from Kate.)

8. Passion
Kate and Sawyer's love scene was beautiful, passionate, sexy, and tender, and their long-brewing feelings for each other were made abundantly clear in an epic manner. Jack and Kate's love scene... Oh, wait, that's right. There wasn't one.

7. Friendship
Sawyer and Kate are always there for each other, whether it's providing a free haircut or giving up a prized fishbiscuit. Jack, of course, has more important things to do than hang out or make small gestures of kindness. He's a doctor/hero/leader, and don't you dare forget it.

6. Respect
Kate and Sawyer respect each other's abilities and intelligence, and know how to cooperate when it's time to go all Bonnie-and-Clyde on the Others' asses. Sawyer obviously isn't aware, as Jack is, that Kate is a pretty pretty princess who shouldn't be allowed to touch dangerous guns or come along on hikes with boys.

5. Understanding
Sawyer and Kate are both orphans who had miserable childhoods and eventually allowed their bottled-up hurt, anger, and loneliness to lead them into lives of crime, after which they've both experienced guilt and a deep-seated, though often repressed, desire for change. They "get" each other. Jack and Kate, on the other hand, are both brunettes.

4. Mutuality
Because of their deep understanding, Kate and Sawyer can't put anything past one another. They see right through the lies and selfish intentions, and aren't afraid to call each other on them and play dirty. Jack, while admittedly "good at keeping secrets", would probably let Kate tie him to a chair, steal his money, and set the house on fire before beginning to suspect that something fishy might be going on here.

3. Chemistry
Some actors have it, some don't. Watching Sawyer flirt with Kate is like watching a live electrical current assume human form, and their first kiss was probably responsible for power outages in several states. Watching Jack flirt with Kate is like watching a man hit on his sister while picturing his grandma naked. During their awkward first (and only) kiss, crickets chirped. And then committed suicide.

2. Originality
Television doesn't need another stale, cliched, formulaic "hero-gets-the-girl" storyline. It's been done a thousand times, and it puts people to sleep. Skate is dynamic, inventive, and intriguing, and if done right, will be one of the most unique TV romances ever to grace our screens.

1. Potential
Kate and Sawyer, as a couple, have places to go. Their relationship, with so many character-issues to explore, so much passion left to burn, and so many stories still to be told, could last till the end of the series without running out of steam. Jack and Kate ran out of steam in the Pilot, while she stitched him up and listened to his Wise Doctorly Advice. They've been running on fumes ever since, and now that Kate has made Sawyer her official choice, it's time to open the windows and let those fumes stop stinking the place up.

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