Thursday, January 4, 2007

Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Well, now that the LOVE blow-out of 2007 is mostly over, it's time to tackle that article where Foxy ran off his mouth. Yeah, you didn't think I'd let that one slide did ya? "Men's Journal", February 2007 edition.

Some snippets for your amusement:

"I'm a liar and a cheat and a thief and the ultimate manipulator. You can never believe a fucking word that comes out of my mouth. I tell lies everyday, man. And when I say I'm phenomenally manipulative, I am." Arrogance, thy name is Fox.

Don't you just love all the 'pure and innocent' tales of drunk by 12, tobacco chewing and sex by 14, pothead soon after...substance issues galore.

Barfing in the water because he was so frakking hungover from a hard night. How much of it was still in his system, huh? Yeah, what a guy. That was really responsible and not idiotically stupid to get trashed the night before a gruelling water-shoot. Is safety not a concern with this dude? Poor Ian.

Seems he likes to con people into doing shit they'd never do sober. An instigator? Real nice. Wonder if he slipped an E in someone's drink and thought it would be funny too. "I really enjoy that process of sort of - well, I fuck with people alot."

And he thinks a woman wants someone "edgy", "brutal", "base", "very violent" "animalistic". Huh. What a rutting prince charming.

"I don't know dude, but I grew up, all the way until I was 22 years old, fricking in locker rooms showering with fuckin' 40 other dudes, and you're not checking each other's cock sizes out, you're just walking around like it's no big deal. And no I don't take my clothes off all the time because I think I have a huge unit and want to show it off. I do it because it's frickin' funny!" Mmmkayyy, we get it. You're one of them annoying jock types.

"It's like when suddenly the whole spotlight lands on me - whoosh - I can be pretty unforgiving about how I use that. I mean if somebody's up my ass because they think I'm the sexiest guy in the world, I can be unapologetically vicious. Or if somebody's up your ass because somebody's told them to be up your ass, in that case, you're just like - he flips the bird - 'Fucking get lost.' It's not cool. And it's not such a nice and pleasant thing to admit, but it's true."

Haha and some of the more batshit Bubbleheads actually hero worship this guy as the embodiment of their fictional Jack? *snickers madly*. Thank you Fox for helping to burst their bubble of unreality. Keep it real, dude.

The whole article:

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