Monday, January 22, 2007

Random Bubble Quote of the Day

Saved for posterity. Poor Gregg gets hounded by a salivating jater. No doubt the news of an extended uncut version of Skate's hot and loving sex scene on the season 3 DVD's has some Bubbleheads all in a tither and feeling gipped. Of course, it got deleted frakking quick. Too bad, I am sure Gregg and TPTB would have had a good laugh at it. Who needs ambassadors for Jate (like the Fuse is some kind of whacked out United Nations where we all have to lobby for our causes?) when you can have these kinds of morons representing them? What's this poster looking for? High definition Mavie Porn? Sounds like a Mavie fan to me. Hey, guys, you get skank sex with MF aka Chimp-chest and Bai Ling aka Freaky alien-chest. Be thankful you got that much. Did some digging. Seems this poster has only posted questions to Gregg on behalf of Jaters. Smells like a fake ID to me. 'Fess up, Bubbleheads, who's the puppeteer behind this idiot?

Remember to SHOW jate sex (when the time comes)


Okay, this isn't exactly a topical issue considering how far apart Jack and Kate are at the moment but I've been so disappointed with many tv-shows/couples and since Lost is starting to include sex on the island... I might as well get this off my chest, So if you could pass this on to TPTB that when the time comes (whether it's this season, next or whenever) we want to SEE the jate sex Call me kinky or whatever but I just don't want you guys to think that just because J/K are this emotional, spiritual, real adult kinda love for us jaters, we wouldn't bother not seeing the physical... - connecting. Because WE DO! We wanna see it.

And by seeing I don't mean a little bit of kissing and then fade to black. And since Lost switched to a later time slot... Okay, I think you get what I mean. The thing is that in my opinion many tv-shows have made the mistake to let The Couple (I know, I know... What makes me think that Jate is the main couple Well, to me it is so let's just not go there now) sleep with other people and then eventually bring them together and not SHOW the love... Maybe because they think The Couple is just so powerful on its own that there's no need to show that. That the audience is so happy and relieved to finally have them together so seeing the physical consummation is just unnecessary. But it's SO NOT LIKE THAT!

My point is that we jaters just want eventually get back what we invested in those flirty/sexually charged scenes. After the sighing and moaning in the net and all those I'm-so-checking-you-out looks both the jaters and J&K themselves deserve some ACTION!

I know I'm early with this (I have a feeling the writers don't want Kate to get it on with two different guys during the same season...) but early bird catches the worm, right? I just hope the writers could keep this in mind while planning future events and what to show onscreen. Because no one can deny that with Matt & Evi's acting skills/chemistry and Jack&Kate's relationship history the jate love scene could easily be the most beautiful and passionate moment ever...

Thanks for reading! This just is important to us and wanted you to know that.

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