Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Stirring of the Shipper Pot

Oh great. Carlton has been out visiting his local Chains R Us store to get some new links to jerk shippers around. First we get all the "definitive emotional choice" stuff which devolved into "the triangle is still a go" and now "Jack and Kate are kind of the ultimate relationship." "Kind of"? What the hell does that mean? Either they are or they aren't. Or is this like being kinda pregnant? Or kinda dead?

And ultimate? In what way? Like Luke and Leia's bond of blood was so strong in Star Wars they could sense each other and shit? Imagine that kinda whammy being dropped on the show. "Jack...Claire's not your sister...I am." "Noooo!!!!!!"

Or did he mean 'ultimatum'? Jack's the type to be issuing out those by the bucketful, for sure.

With all the stuff Carlton and Damon have been saying, and the flipflopping back and forth it's impossible to figure out what's true and what isn't. Anything they say is best taken with a grain of salt...preferably around the rim of a maguerita glass. Mmmm, tequila.

The 'Kind of' Ultimate Relationship

So, can anyone tell me which picture do YOU think should be chosen to pimp the essence of Jate in TVGuide if their 'ultimateness' ever comes to fruition.

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