Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Random Bubblehead Post of the Day

"For some Jateness, I have to say that Kate may think she is making peace with her past in some way by looking out for Sawyer, [So Kate's hooking up with Sawyer is a Girl Scout good deed to exorcise her life of crime? Mmkay...] but Jack is the only one who can give her the love she needs. [Conditional love? The kind that chokes and stifles if you don't jump through the requisite hoops, yeah, I'm sure Kate really needs that.] Kate committed a grave sin, but she has always suffered for it. [She's not sorry she killed Wayne though, and any suffering that came after was as a RESULT of her crimes and bad decisions] We haven't seen her "forgiven" I think Jack's unconditional love would go a long way toward feeling "forgiven" [Again the notion of Kate being somehow cleansed of her sins, sanctified and made righteous again... through Jack's love. THIS concept is at the heart of Jate, and it's twisted and unromantic, and doesn't belong in ANY story written in 2007. Sheesh! And what is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE? Apparently it's not being with someone who loves you as you are, always lets you be yourself, empowers you, respects you (i.e.Sawyer). It's when you understand you will be loved only if you become an entirely different person. More Alice in the Looking Glass. Or Kate Through the Frakking Dharma Glass!]. She needs to move on and be the real Kate, the one we have seen when she is with Jack. [The REAL Kate doesn't do Taco night. Even Damon has said that Jack knows she can never play the role he wants her to play. The REAL Kate is strong, independent and compassionate, tough and ruthless, and also loyal and brave. She's not somebody's simpering Girl-Friday who's flattered she got asked to tag along] Sawyer has always been easy to be with [Yeah, because he's not a sanctimonious, hypocritical, no-fun, anal retentive jackass] He doesn't have expectations of her to be a decent person, in fact he seems to always expect the worst. [I disagree but if you say so, he comes down harder on himself]. When she is with Sawyer, she seems to be commiserating [Or having fun, enjoying herself, and just being herself (as Evie has mentioned) As opposed to constantly kowtowing and making apologies and walking on eggshells around Jack]. Just about anytime I can think of that Kate wanted to do something good and decent while around Sawyer resulted in an argument or put down from him. [Oh, you mean like when he asked her honest opinion in HOTRS and didn't just assume she'd move to the caves? Or asked her what she thought in ML? Or gave her a gun when she wanted to help her fellow Losties in HC and ML? I can think of more incidences where Jack tried to shut Kate down for wanting to do something useful, or questioned her motives than with Sawyer] So, anyway, Jate is sooo fate." [Repeat it enough times and it has to come true, right?]

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